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    back in aug 2010, i did a superman over the bars on a steep section of trail. i ended up hearing a crunch sound, and my left forearm was pointing in the wrong direction. i stabilized the joint against my abdomen and started screaming my head off like a little girl.

    8+ months later, i'm just now getting back on the bike, and end up walking sections that i used to speed thru before w/ no issues. hopefully i can get my confidence back soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pauldotcom
    Week ago. Surgery done on Thursday. Some screws, pins, and metal plates. Jumped down a cliff front and went over the bars. Braced myself with my arm and this is the end result...
    Feel better dude, it could be worse. You should be back on the saddle before the end of the riding season.

    What was your biggest accident?-arm1.jpg

    This is what my arm looked like after the paramedics straightened it out and 'stabilized' it last May. I had broken bones, torn muscles and tendons, strained ligaments, and nerve damage. What a crappy second/last ride of the season.

    Shredding some out of bounds techy single track (on my freshly push tuned commencal meta) way too fast (me thinks 30+ kph) and ended up not completing a turn successfully. Ride in rough, get pitched off bike, take entire impact with right hand. Arm turned into upside down L.

    On the bright side, the bike was still mint, except for the crack in the frame i didn't notice before .

    11 months later, my hand works again, my grip strength is coming back, confidences...well it's getting better, and I can manage an hour to two of medium paced riding before fatiguing. Just glad to be back doing what I love (on two new bikes ).
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