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    Using 26 by 1.75 tube on a 26 by 2 wheel?

    Can you use a 26 by 1.75 tube on a 26 by 2 wheel, for a mountain bike? Would it be reasonable? I understand that it's not the best fit, but is it a fit? I ask because, I don't why, but my deceased dad bought a 26 by 1.75 tube, for his 26 by 2 wheel mountain bike. Though unopened, I imagine I can't return it or exchange without a receipt. So, when it comes around to replacing a popped tube, could I use the 26 by 1.75 tube he bought by mistake?

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    Use it, you'll be fine. They stretch.

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    RE: Using 26 by 1.75 tube on a 26 by 2 wheel?

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    Tubes stretch. I have used a 26 tube in a 29 tire.
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