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    The chilcotin was a great bike....EXPENSIVE though. Did I say it was expensive? The frameset alone is the price of my entire bike and it didn't ride that much better. It was a little better than the enduro on the DH side and has more potential for turning in into a serious DH bike, but the Enduro is a superior all rounder. The Enduro just does everything well. It's a jack of all trades, master of none, but seriously strong in every category of riding. There is no one bike that does everything well, some excel in different places. The enduro is 40% good at climbing and 60% good at descending where as a bike like a Reign or stumpjumper EVO is the opposite. The Enduro Evo would be on par with the chilcotin downhill but won't climb as well as the standard enduro.

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    I have a V3 El Gaupo and the thing amazing. I was going to buy a Covert in the spring but by the time I was ready to buy, the frames were sold out everywhere. I can't say I've been sorry about it at all though. I was able to test ride the covert briefly at the lbs and it felt great and I'm sure I would have been happy with it. I even spent 5 days riding Whistler with the El Gaupo this summer and It rode great,Climbs great and is built pretty burly with a Fox 36, Stans Flow's With Hope evo's and a Reverb still only 32.5 lbs

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    I bought a used covert two months ago and have ridden an sb66, trek remedy, stump jumper, and I have to say bravo to the folks at transition. I dont do a whole lot of downhill but the little bit I have done t with this bike was just amazing. I am a believer. It can climb decently and bombs downhills like no other. Its hits berms with ease and explodes out of them effortlessly. I love this bike. But thats just my opinion

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