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    Upgrade components or upgrade bike

    So I am in a slight predicament...

    I have an 07 Stumpy FSR comp that I picked up earlier this year. I love the bike and technically, nothing on it holds me back. It probably just keeps me "honest" and from riding way above my head and letting the bike do the work. However, I do want to make it better for what I want. Specially, I'd like a better fork, wheelset, and drivetrain. The wheelset is just too weak. I've been tweaking them all year. I want a slightly stiffer fork (Fox 34 with 140 travel or similar). I feel like I am about to snap the stanchions at times. Drivetrain, 1x it and get a bash/chain retention device on there. Maybe goto 10 speed and get an appropriate RD.

    Now the real question is, do I get the goodies that I want and keep it moving, or buy a newer frame and build off of that in the next year or two? In my mind I can justify both routes, but in practice, I am unsure. I feel like the bike is in an odd space of being new enough to have some good tech but old enough that it is starting to get left behind based on current standards.


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    ride it the way it is, until you get the bike you really want. id love to build a bike from the ground up
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    I don't have a bike that I "really want," Just a general idea of the direction I want to tweak what I have for my taste. My only hang up is trying to find what I want, mainly in the fork, in an age where advancements seem to have aged out my bike a bit (straight steer vs tapered). Otherwise, I'd ride until I break it

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    it's not worth putting modern parts on a 7 year old bike. You could buy a complete with the parts you're thinking of getting for less than the cost of the parts. Your bike is not new enough to have some good modern tech; it's a 25 year old suspension design.

    Unless you have a serious emotional thing about that bike, but even then, I'd demo some newer bikes before deciding that you really like what you have minus the fork or wheels.

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    From your description above, it sounds like you ride that bike fairly aggressively. You probably need to upgrade to a bike that has more of a heavier duty spec. Depending on your budget, Id say that something like a Kona Precept DL, or if you can afford a bit more a Kona Process 134 would be more suitable for you.

    Personally, I would look at getting another bike that is more suitable for aggressive riding, and then use the Stumpy for Trail and XC rides only (that is what it was originally designed for). There is nothing wrong with having more than 1 bike.

    As for upgrading the bike that you currently have: For the same price of the better fork, wheelset, and drivetrain that you want, you probably can get a whole new bike. The 2007 Stumpy that you has a straight non-tapered head tube, so you will be limited to the kind of fork that you can get for it.

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    Hmmm, sounds like the only thing holding you back from complete replacement is that you've recently acquired the bike. You probably shouldn't look at it that way - your replacement list is long and expensive (and like someone said might require additional tradeoffs or converters). And so the right thing to do would probably be sell the bike (probably won't lose much on it) and buying / assembling something from ground up.
    You might be able to pick up a Stumpy that more caters to your needs - after the season ends is a good time to find bargains on used equipment.
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