I just saw the price on the new Trek Slash 7. $ 3700 with a Lyrik Solo Air.

I'm in the market for a slacker and bigger (160 mm) bike to replace my current Fuel EX. I had my eye on the Mojo HD, Nomad, Reign X and some boutique bikes.

Under 4000 grand hits my sweet spot. In all likely hood, with a little patience, I could probably walk out the door in the lower 3Gs. I do like Trek ABP, and their selling it at as an XC to light DH rig. A tall promise to be confirmed with a test ride.

Going from a previous 5,000 dollar budget to mid 3,000 is a big deal for me. I'm just thinking that there may be other bikes out there I've missed. Am I over looking any other 160 mm slack bikes out there?