• 02-11-2013
    thoughts on this 07 enduro build? (might buy)
    im looking at used bikes for my first full suspension, i think im sold on either a used enduro or pitch- this one is for 1,200$

    Rear shock: specialized AFR shock(original i assume)
    Fork: Rock Shox Recon
    Wheels: 15 mm front Formula Hub (9mm adaptor included) WTB Speed Disc doublewall
    Tires: WTB Wolverine 26X2.2
    Front Derailleur: Shimano slx
    Rear Derailleur SRAM X-9
    Shifters SRAM X-7 Trigger
    Crankset Truvativ Stylo bash/32/22, can include 44T ring
    Bottom Bracket: Truvativ GXP outboard cartridge bearing
    Seatpost: Easton 570
    Handlebar: Easton Monkeylite (not pictured)
    Stem: Truvativ AKA 90mm 20mm rise
    Truvativ Team Grips
    Brakes: Hayes Stroker Ryde 7" front/6" rear

    i appreciate any thoughts or advice, im not as component savvy as others might be
  • 02-12-2013
  • 02-12-2013
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    i think its a little much to say its COMPLETELY useless, actually. I mean its not like a picture is going to tell you the brakes need to be bled or that the suspensions shot.

    I asked the seller for pictures, he said its in between builds and that if im serious he would put it together with the parts listed, but i believe he is debating whether to part it out or not.
    SOOOO before i go make the guy assemble the thing for nothing, im trying to get some more experienced perspectives.

    Here is the one pic he had, but i believe the parts arent exactly what hes selling it with...
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  • 02-12-2013
    I have an 08 Enduro Expert SL and love it. However, price strikes me as high and i'm not a fan of some of his component choices.

    Fork: Recon is a poor choice on the Enduro. The E150 (especially the 07 version) had it's flaws, but the Recon is an XC fork and the Enduro is an AM frame. It's not a great match and it wouldn't hold up for me.

    Wheels: The original DT420s were too lite for the Enduro, at least in the rear. I trashed two stock rear wheels and have since built up a heavier rear wheel. The WTB speed discs seem too lite + narrow for my taste.

    Drivetain: SLX front is fine, X9 rear is fine, X7 triggers are fine (assuming all well serviced)

    Crankset/BB: No comment, other than the bash guard combo seems out of line with the wheel/tire/fork choice.

    Brakes: I'm not a big fan of the Hayes Strokers either.

    I'd pass on it at the current price and would only get it if I could find a good deal on a front fork to make it all worthwhile.

    Just my 0.02....
  • 02-12-2013
    Uncle Six Pack
    I don't have a lot of experience with the SLs, but I would second most of what robselina said.

    Especially the recon fork. It isn't a total turd, but it is kinda like someone selling a corvette with wheels and tires from a cavalier...

    Also, I get the feeling that the parts he is throwing together on this deal may be anything from almost-new take-offs to worn-out crap he is just trying to get rid of. With that in mind, just keep in mind that the condition of the components may be hard to describe objectively if you are not seeing them in person.

    So figure on worst-case scenario unless you have something better to go on-a good bike with slightly mis-matched fork and components that may need replacement.

    Personally, I would say the bike is worth 1200 if he guarantees the frame free of any dents, deep scratches, or other defects AND includes a worthy fork-at least a pike, but preferably something more in the 150-160 ballpark and decent quality.

    As it is, I'd say $1000 is a fair offer to make. (dumb question, but it is the right size for you, right?)
  • 02-12-2013
    Seems like he stole the components that he wanted and had some turd stuff laying around to make it a complete bike. I'd shy away from it, look for something with a more appropriate buid
  • 03-06-2013
    Look on CraigsList. You could get something worth full fox and better brakes for that much. Don't buy it. Not even worth $800 in my opinion. I have done a lot of trading around. Wait for another deal to pop up. It will. Check pinkbike buy/sell too.
  • 03-06-2013
    And I actually have that exact same frame. If It had a better fork like everyone else said it would be worth $1000. Offer him $800 and tell him the fork sucks. Make it seem like the bike has some flaws to it. If he takes $800 get a lyric.
  • 03-06-2013
    Ask hime how much hes paying you to buy it ? LOL jk .. I dunno man 6 years old and the pars where its most important suck.. If you honestly want it then offer him 500 , thats what i would do. I say save up your money , slow down a bit and dont rush . For 1500 you can get a nice bike . I bought a 2009 Giant Trance XO on PB for 1700 shipped for my brother and that was a 5700 bike . So deals can be had if you search.
  • 03-06-2013
    $1,200 is way, way, way, way too much for that bike.

    I would stay away from buying a pieced-together bike over the internet that is not even built yet.