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    SunRingle S.O.S. any good??

    Ok, so ive read pretty cool reviews (bikeradar) and pretty bad reviews (mtbr) and everything in between. So guess ill ask here in the AM forum which is what the wheelset is made for.
    There is a pair of these wheels for sale here and id like to try them, but id like to know if its worth it.
    They look damn cool, will they hold up? I ride everything from aggressive XC to DH. I have a 2011 GT Avalanche and ive ridden it in DH courses pretty aggresively. However, although the Avalanches 2011 frame is made for Trail/AM and takes up to 140mm front travel, the wheels look pretty XC-ish to me. Im running on Alex TD24 in front and Mavic X117 rear (turned the original TD24 into an 8 shape) and they hold up pretty well, but they look thin and id like to try something wider.

    So bottom line: Is this wheelset worth it?

    The wheels come w/deore hubs:

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    Rim are very subjective because the rim alone is not the point of strength and to be honest some of the popular brands have equally erratic reviews, I particularly like the Sun Ringle product, but I have had only the higher end wheel builds. If your getting them like $50 or cheaper and your on a budget then maybe consider them if your currant wheels are crap. With that being say you can get new machine built wheels that have XT hubs on eBay all day long that are south of $120.

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    I had a S.O.S on my enduro for a few months, and I had no complaints at all. I ride pretty aggressive AM and it held up to everything I threw at it. Only sold it because I got a new fork which had a different thru axle size.

    Overall for the price you can't go wrong
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    Need Q/R, or thru axle?

    If Q/R hit up bicycle wheel warehouse. they have a closeout set at something like $75 bucks.

    Also, never had issues with mine set of SOS wheels.

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    I wouldn't bother for the simple fact they're deore hubs. Listen to the above guys; you can find deals on nicer wheels.

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    I think you are missing one of the most important factors regarding wheelsets, the build quality.

    IMO, there are a few problems with wheel reviews. First, you don't know if the reviewer is using the wheels for the intended application. Nor do you know if the wheel was hand built or machine built - unless it is a factory built wheel.

    As for the mixed reviews, most of it probably boils down to the quality of the wheel build. Hand-built wheels will be much stronger due to the even tension of the spokes and the attention to detail that can be applied to the build. There area few rims/wheels that are known to be crap so they should be easy to stay away from.

    I wouldn't buy wheels in the $300+ price range that are not hand-built. Just my opinion. Otherwise, the SOS rims are reported to be pretty stout.

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    I run them on my HT. The rear one needs to be trued badly.

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    I bought my SOS wheelset, for $199, about 2yrs ago to the date and they have been a good purchase. I needed to true the back wheel once, replace one spoke, and just now the bearings are starting to have some play but they have many miles on them.

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    I've been running SOS rims on my trail (XC/AM/whatever) bike for two years with no complaints. I bought them as rims only from Bikewagon for like $20/rim and had them built by a friend. As mentioned, the rest of the package, and especially the quality of the build, makes a huge difference in the overall durability of the wheels.

    I ride hard on rocky trails and have flatspotted the rear rim pretty good, but I've also beat the **** out of a couple sets of Outlaws, so I don't consider that to be an indication that they're weak. They've dented for me, but haven't cracked. Denting is better than cracking, IMO.

    I don't think I'd ride them for DH, but for hard trail riding , absolutely, if it's a good build.

    And for $20/rim, I can replace them four times before I've spent as much as I would have if I bought a DT or Mavic rim.

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