Hey guys kinda new to mountain biking but
i do have a lot of dirt bike experience and a lot of roadbiking experience. Anyway Here are 2 potential bikes for sale. I am looking for a bike that can fly down the mountain and do a lot of urban riding. I cant decide on a singe crown and be able to climb better, or a double crown and just put a granny gear on and go slow and then I can just bomb down the mountains. I m moving to colorado eventually so i will eventually be taking it to dh parks as well. I was thinking the demo 7 and then eventually if i want to put a double crown fork on later? Please let me know thanks. Is it worth having a poor pedaler in order to go down the mountain as fast as possible? I do like exorcise lol. thanks guys
Specialized Big Hit Downhill Bike - Custom 2010
Specialized Demo 7 Medium