This is so cool!

Thanks to the hard-working crew at the Kirkwood Mountain Bike Center, this year's Six Hours of Kirkwood Super-D, August 21, will be run on a new 6-mile long course (about double the length of our 2010 course) with a net elevation drop of 1800 feet.. We'll use chair number six, a high-speed detachable that will have racers to the top in minutes, so ALL racers will go up on the chair lift.

COURSE: It's a varied mix of steep chutes, twisty corners and flowing singletrack. YES there are CLIMBS. Some of them you'll be able to carry momentum to get over, but for some you're gonna want a full set of gears. Leave your big ol' DH rigs home. The hot set-up will be an all-mountain bike, 5-6" travel with big tires and more than one chain-ring. It's about six miles long with a net elevation drop of over 1800'. The red dot in the photo below is the top of Chair 6. The course will go to the right along the top of the ridge. The two big ol' rock formation on top of the right side of the ridge are the "Sentinals." The Sentinals Trail starts just to the right of the first one. Yeah, it's gonna be a lonnng run!

RACE FORMAT: It's simple, the clock starts in the morning at 10:00 am and stops in the afternoon at 4:00 pm. The rider with the most COMPLETED runs by 4:00 pm. wins.

CATEGORIES: Pro Men, Pro Women, Men 17 & under, Men 18-29, Men 30-39, Men 40-49, Men 50-59, Men 60+, Women 17 & under, Women 18-29, Women 30-39, Women 40+

CHAIR LIFTS: The lifts will be running ONLY for the racers. Upon completing a run a rider will proceed directly to the lift line for the next run. Once in line all riders must remain in the order in which they arrived at the finish NO CUTTING the line or letting your buddy in. Riders who need to attend to other business (restroom, mechanical, etc.) will lose their place in line and will need to go the back of the line when they return. We will have water, EX Drinks and Hammer Nutrition products adjacent to the lift line so that riders will be able to hydrate without losing their place in line. There will also be a table where racers my leave their personal ice chests/lunch boxes so that you can eat in line or on the chairlift.

STARTING PROCEDURE: We'll start promptly at 10:00 am. It will start like a cross-country race; the riders will be led around a 1.5 mile loop of the lower portion of Kirkwood. The finish of that loop will be at the chair-lift line, the order of finish will be a rider's position in the chairlift line for the first run.

Team Bigfoot Medals to the top three in each category. The man AND woman with the most runs will EACH get a $250 gift certificate from Watta Bike. We'll also raffle off a whole bunch o' schwag from our sponsors; ODI, Kenda, EX-Drinks, Hammer Nutrition, Sock Guy, Rock N' Roll, and Bien Padre.