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    short rider / bike upgrade

    Hi everyone,
    I'm a tall 5'6" and really what i'm looking for is a bike that doesn't have me up in the clouds. I ride a trance 29er (small) and while it's great for plowing through things and going fast - it rides really tall and i never really feel like i'm in full control of the bike. So that has me searching for a new bike. Something in the 1x11/carbon flavor. Probably a 650B since that's mostly what's available in the 140-160mm market.

    Unfortunately I don't know where to go to demo bikes in my neck of the woods *Japan* so I'll probably be making a 'blind' purchase.

    Two of the bikes I have been looking at are the Bronson and Tracer. Does anyone have any experience on both of these that can compare how they ride to each other? Do either of them have that 'in the bike' feel?

    Another bike i've been eyeballing is the Norco Sight but i've read of some issues with assembly and frames which have me questioning QC.

    Most of the riding I do (because it's close) consists of a long steady non-technical climb and then a downhill on pretty rough hard packed hiking trails which have a good amount of roots and rocks.

    Thanks for your input.

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    short rider / bike upgrade

    what brands are near you?
    2010 GT Avalanche Expert

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