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    seeking advice on first build...

    i currently have a khs xc104. i have had the bike for a few months now but i am getting more agressive as i get more confident in the sport. thus my technique and riding style are outperforming what my bike can do...
    i am considering a 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 bike setup for my first build. i ride single track. i like more technical rides and am not afraid to become airborne. i would like to be able to take a drop that is around 4-6 feet (but don't plan on doing it often. but i need a bike that obviously is on the lower end of the price range, but is lighter and can take a good size hit.

    i am not sure but i guess one may call my riding style (or at-least the one i am headed for) aggressive all mountain / mild freeride. i am bottle necked by the cross country bike i currently own because i am afraid i am gonna beat the heck out of my only bike.

    any frame suggestions/ words of wisdom for the beginner will always be taken gratefully.

    i am looking for anything under 500 dollars (frame only) if it helps any, i am 5-11, (17 in frame? it is med anyway...) and i weigh in the ballpark of 175 lbs.
    if someone could tell me what the diffrence is gonna be between the diffrent types of rear suspension that could also be helpful...

    what are the pros and cons of single pivot? compared to some of the quad links that are being used today

    i am considering a 2007 Ironhorse Warrior Pro... will this meet to the more aggressive riding that i am looking toward? or am i better off going toward 5.5 and 6.0 inch frames. i am a bit weary of the bob of a six in... i would like to still be able to truck uphill... i can always learn to pedal harder
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    my little 4.2 inches....are becoming smaller and smaller.

    Sorry dude, but I'm listening to the whole CLIT terrorists part of Jay and Silent Bob and was reading your post...but really, you shouldn't put that kind of ammo in a post, even if the 500lbs/in part made any sense whatsoever.

    Do some research and shopping of your own and you'll close in on your goal, ask questions about the results later when you've got it narrowed down somewhat (there's zillions of posts on mtbr similar to yours so go read some for example). Single pivots aren't to be avoided particularly, and they're definitely easier to maintain. Do yourself a favor and don't get too into trying to determine a particular type of suspension before you even own/ride any...
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    There was a Norco 6 frame on the classifieds forum at that you might check into.

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    the reason i ask about the single pivots is because the only single pivots i have ridden were no name (wally world) bikes. are single pivots going to be harder to get up-hill more so than suspension types that are more complicated?

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    Wrong thread. Oops.

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