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    Seat rail popped out of saddle. How to fix?

    Anyone know how to fix this? My one rail popped out of the saddle on my selle italia slr seat. I've tried to fix this by bending, flexing, pulling, pushing and can't seem to get it back in. The saddle is not cracked or broke anywhere.

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    The answer is the same way it came out.............How did it pop out? u need to replicate this scenario in reverse to re insert it. I would be throwing it in the bin though.

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    I just warrantied a wtb saddle because the nose popped out in a crash. Call em...

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    Other than "bending, flexing, pulling, pushing" I don't see any other way to get it back. If that doesn't work, time for a new saddle.

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    How to repair broken saddle......

    Step 1. Remove saddle.
    Step 2. Buy new saddle.
    Step 3. Install new saddle.
    Step 4. Adjust saddle so butt feels good.

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    Even if you get it back in, I don't think it will ever be right again.
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    Boil it

    After boiling the saddle for about five minutes was able to soften the plastic lip on my seat enough to bend it up, slide the rail nose in, and then bend it back down. Held it with the channel locks until it cooled, and it appears to be good as new:

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    Quote Originally Posted by raycje5 View Post
    I just warrantied a wtb saddle because the nose popped out in a crash. Call em...
    I did this to a WTB saddle and called them. They said it could not be repaired.. There was no obvious damage that I could find and I tried to pop it back in. No dice. THe saddle was hosed.

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    Throw it away and replace with a new one.

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    I managed to bend and twist and take a hammer to my bent/popped out seat rails. They bent even worse within 3 rides. If you can make it work, more power to ya, but I would start thinking about a new saddle.

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    Mine popped out while trying to free a seized post, a friend got it back it by putting one side of the rails in a vice and making a long bar with a top like 2 T's and used the leverage to bend the rails enough to get it back in, it was a WTB with Ti rails. And strangely enough it doesn't creak any more..

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    I've read lots of posts that a separated seat rail cannot be re-inserted back into the saddle hole. I agree, it's not possible as it's a molded assembly, and there is just no way to do it. HOWEVER, your can repair it to be good as new!!! Don't throw that favorite saddle away. Check out my procedure, I just fixed 2 seats today:

    Tools needed:
    Dremel tool with cutting wheel
    Plastic welder (Harbor freight, or eBay) >>> Mine is a Hobie-Cat brand that I bought off eBay. it's for repairing plastic boat hulls and fuel tanks.
    Philips head screw driver

    1. mark the rail boss to cut 2 slots just wide and long enough to pop the rail tip back into the hole.
    2. cut 2 slots lengthwise.
    3. use philips head to pry it up, it might break off, but that's fine.
    4. pop the rail end back into the cavity.
    5. replace the cut piece of plastic.
    6. use the pre-heated plastic welder to reshape and smooth the saddle boss to "weld" it back in place.
    7. there should be sufficient material to work with, but you can always add more plastic feeder material that comes with most of the welders.
    8. Wah-La. You are back in business.

    See my pics from the Syncros seat I just fixed today. Good Luck!!

    MTBR Seat Rail Fix Slideshow by ktk65 | Photobucket

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    Did this to a $180/new, Bontrager Evoke RXL carbon-railed saddle and the fix was done, by reversing the bent saddle nose compression with two guys and a vise. Shoe Goo made sure the carbon rails were never gonna pop out of the nose socket ever again.
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