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    Seat rail popped out of saddle. How to fix?

    Anyone know how to fix this? My one rail popped out of the saddle on my selle italia slr seat. I've tried to fix this by bending, flexing, pulling, pushing and can't seem to get it back in. The saddle is not cracked or broke anywhere.

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    The answer is the same way it came out.............How did it pop out? u need to replicate this scenario in reverse to re insert it. I would be throwing it in the bin though.

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    I just warrantied a wtb saddle because the nose popped out in a crash. Call em...

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    Other than "bending, flexing, pulling, pushing" I don't see any other way to get it back. If that doesn't work, time for a new saddle.

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    How to repair broken saddle......

    Step 1. Remove saddle.
    Step 2. Buy new saddle.
    Step 3. Install new saddle.
    Step 4. Adjust saddle so butt feels good.

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    Even if you get it back in, I don't think it will ever be right again.
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