santa cruz TRC owners

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  • 11-18-2012
    santa cruz TRC owners
    i keep hearing how well the TRC descends, but how well does it climb compared to XC bikes. I am coming off of a SC blur classic and climbing is really important to me. I demoed the TRC and thought it was a really fun bike. It seemed to climb well, but tough to say after just 1 quick demo. Opinions?
  • 11-19-2012
    I had a Blur Classic (now belongs to my dad). It has been a while since I have done any serious riding on it but I have owned both. I absolutely love my TRc. To me it is everything I liked about my Classic but does a lot more. Downhill there is no comparison between the two. I've stopped riding my Nomad after buying the TRc.

    That said, the TRc climbs well. I'd say at least on par with my Classic. I do notice the slacker geometry a bit in that it will wander just a little if I don't keep some weight forward on speed fire road climbs. Technical climbing is great. I went with a long saddle (Silverado) to help me get my weight forward when needed. This is on an XL with a 70mm stem and a 140mm fox float. I'm 6'2". Also, the TRc is a full 2 lbs lighter than my Blur Classic running similar tires.

    Dropping my fork to the stock 130mm would aid climbing a bit I'm sure. A Talas or other adjustable travel fork might help if you really like climbing fire roads but keep in mind the low bb height (amazing for handling with the long wheelbase) would probably make tech climbs not so fun with a slammed fork.
  • 11-19-2012
    I'm surrounded by friends that nitpick every purchase and they all seem to have buyers remorse at one point or another...but not with the trc. Every single person I know on a trc is in love with the bike. I've only rode around on one for a little bit, but loved it as well. I really don't think you can wrong, especially coming off an older blur classic.

    A friend has an SLX build w/ XT brakes, crest wheels, big tires and a dropper. Right under 26lbs ready to ride (garmin/cage/pedals). That's damn nice.