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Thread: Remedy or Slash

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    Remedy or Slash

    Trek Remedy or Slash ?

    What's the skinny?

    Do you think that the Remedy / Slash really able to ride up the mountain well?
    Is the Remedy / Slash up to taking descent that make your hair stand on end?

    I am trying to understand the difference in how they actually ride All-mountain.

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    pretty general question so here is a general answer: remedy is a longer legged trail bike and the slash is what the cool kids refer to as enduro capable. really both will do more or less the same thing pretty well.

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    Re: Remedy or Slash

    I have both. The Remedy climbs great, but coming down 32mm fork doesn't hold the line as well.

    I rode the Remedy for the last 2yrs and love it, up and down.

    I've only had the Slash for a couple months but so far I like it more. It climbs just as good, a little heavier( 1.5lb ) but it really shines pointed down the hill.

    If your like me, last to the top but NOT the last one to the bottom......SLASH all the way. And since you probably can't find one other than used you get to wait for the 650b's later this year.

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    I just went through this and chose the Slash. I can't believe how much it feels like my Session when going down stuff. And I'd totally rock it on a general trail ride. Of course, I did taco the stock wheel in an enduro today.

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    650b Remedy....Can't wait! be a couple years before that happens!

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    My experience has been that the remedy is far more a trail bike than the slash. It climbs so much easier. It pedals so much easier. You can descend.... but not quite like the slash. The slash just bombs. You can really feel the head angle difference too, though that was on the 12's. Not sure if the angles are closer now or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan1113 View Post
    650b Remedy....Can't wait! be a couple years before that happens!
    What do you mean?

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    Re: Remedy or Slash

    Maybe that he can't afford it yet. Big guy cycling product tester

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