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    Reach improvements?

    Hey dudes,
    I have a 2015 nomad and it's awesome. It had a 415mm reach. I always have a case of upgraditis though.

    When you went to a longer reach 15-20mm bike was it a complete bad ass difference over the shorter reach bike you came from?

    Is it something that I can't live without? I am looking at the new Spartan and the new Altitude.


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    How is a person really supposed to answer that? I think it's better to have a bike with the right reach for your body and riding style, rather than just going longer to go longer. Personally, I've found that Lee McCormack's RideLogic cockpit setup system works awesome. Even though my new bike has a shorter reach than my old one, the fit is perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
    Hey dudes,
    I have a 2015 nomad and it's awesome. It had a 415mm reach. I always have a case of upgraditis though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    Try asking in the S C forum.
    Must be some guys who've updated to the V3 and would love to describe the difference.
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    I think I get what you're asking. The increased reach was one of the things I liked most about going from an "old geo" bike (09 Turner 5spot, 406mm reach) to a "new geo" bike (15 Knolly Warden, 460mm reach). To me, it feels like I can keep a better weight balance, no more feeling like you have to drag your nuts on the rear wheel to avoid going over the bars on the steep stuff. I was running a 65mm stem on the 5spot and feeling a bit cramped and now run a 50mm and it feels bang on. I probably could/should have been running an XL on the older bike, but didn't want the massive long seat tube or increased stand over and stack height.

    The difference is pretty clear with the saddle of the two bikes lined up; the rear axle on the Knolly is a touch further back (bigger wheels), the stem is turned 90* on the Turner but the handlebars on the Knolly are a little further forward and slightly lower, the difference in the position of the head tube and front axle is the big change (there's a a 2* difference in HTA too).
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