Getting ready to move cross country and was wondering if there was a good rack system to use with a pickup. I've been using an old seat cushion as a shuttle pad for the last three years. It's worked well but 1) its about worn through 2) it's definitely not long enough to transport all my bikes.

I've thought about getting something like the softride shuttle pad, but I'm not sure if this is a good way to transport a bike 1200 miles. I've also thought about adding another two of my QR mounts and then just getting a through fork adapter, but I like not having to take my wheels off when I'm just driving back and forth to local trails. I've also thought about trying to make something akin to the shuttle nuts bed rack out of wood.

Bikes that I'm carrying are two road bikes (I have two QR mounts already in the bed), my wildcard, and my surge.

FWIW, the truck is an older dodge. One door is rusted out so I'm not real worried about the paint job since its a beater in training.