• 10-18-2010
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    Problem with Gravity Dropper Classic
    Has happened to somebody something similar? :mad:

    (9 Months of use)
  • 10-18-2010
    The only time I have sent a post to GD is was due to the adhesive on that part coming loose. Wayne reset it and it never came off again. We have 6 of his posts and only one acted weird like that.
  • 10-18-2010

    Originally Posted by tscheezy
    We have 6 of his posts and only one acted weird like that.

    Otherwise known as 17% failure rate. ;)
  • 10-18-2010
    I've had both of mine do that. Scrub things clean. Bust out the JB-Weld. Let sit a day or two. Bam. Both are working just fine, no trouble since.

    Go easy if you take this route. You need just enough epoxy to hold things. Don't want to get it inside and mess up the works.

    I put a thin bead just around all the edges of the outer bit, clamped it together and let it sit a couple days.
  • 10-18-2010
    Mines done this three times now, so after the last repair I put two small zipties at the top and bottom of the plate. They are small and black and you don't notice them un less you really look. If it has come loose I would not know it.
  • 10-19-2010
    Thanks to all of you for the info.

    I have to send the post to GD, they will repair it in garanty (it means that I'll be some time without it) :cryin:
  • 10-19-2010
    I own two Gravitydroppers and this happened to my four year old one. I called Gravitydropper and was told to send it in and they would repair it at no cost to me. They fixed it free of charge, and shipped it back to me the next day after they received it. It's now six months later it's still going strong. They're awesome!