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    Who gives a fu<k?

    A lot of folks are just trying to create sub-styles of riding. Just ride your bike, whether it's a hardtail, rigid, or FS (regardless of the amount of travel). Ride it on the trails that you like. Be courteous to other trail users. Ride hard and fast or soft and slow. Just ride. I just don't understand why there's so much arguing over an opinion. It's a fact that an onion is an onion and there isn't any debating the topic. But when it comes to an opinion about what makes "All Mountain," you're all wasting time trying to convince others to agree with yours. If you don't like the idea of the "all mountain" classification, then you don't have to post here. Christ! This is effing annoying!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kapusta
    If you ever ride in the Northeast, you'll know there is no such thing as minimal rocks and roots, but XC bikes do just as well as AM rigs.
    But do the XC riders do it as fast as the AM (on average) and do the XC riders feel a little more beaten up at the end of a long day? I've ridden the same trails on both a standard issue XC bike and on an AM bike and the difference is notable. The XC climbed a little quicker but the AM was much faster on the descents.

    Simply pick the type of bike that suits the terrain and your style of riding. Or pick whatever has two wheels that turn reasonably well and just ride.

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    I'm not one of the old, old men, but I've been mtbing for 20 years.

    I remember when the debate was whether front suspension was legitimate. Back then I swore I would never ride a bike with front suspension. Then I swore I wouldn't ride a bike with rear suspension, 29in wheels, rigid etc. I'm keeping my mouth shut regarding carbon frames. The line between XC, trail, and AM is blurry. To me XC is race able light, trail is do all generic, and AM is a heavier duty beast that won't grenade when going through rock gardens, jumping logs, and other abusive riding endeavors that lack finesse. AM will let you go all over the mountain usually because of FS beating up the body less and because of extra reliability. The type of bike a rider may call AM is dependent on fitness, skill level, and type of trails he or she may ride. Riding the Appalachian range is much more doable for myself with my 4in FS 29er which weighs in at 31 1/2lb than on my much lighter rigid. The FS bike I have is a little overkill for myself where I live in the midwest but I don't have to worry about frame/part failure if I get a little frisky. I can also ride for several days in a row in my advanced years. For myself if I wanted a bike that would fit in all categories it would be a 29er hard tail with a solid hand built wheel set that adhered to Bontrager's rule with the focus on "strong". Personally I feel there are a lot of "old heads" that find change difficult. My first reaction to the new Ibis Mojo was "Bullsh-t!". However, maybe, just maybe, the designers might know more about bicycle manufacture than myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogonfr
    Hay i just picked up a ZX10 & im going racing! Man the moto X im gonna clean house on this bad boy allready hittin quad jumps man gota slam on the brakes to hit the corner but the roost is killer man 45 feet high dude!!
    Your analagy doesn't fit, the reason you don't want a new rider on a zx-10 is the engine, not the suspension, brakes, and steering geometry. A new mountain biker has less of an "engine" than a seasoned rider so it's not the "engine" that causes the issues. It's controlling the "engine" once it gets going.

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    Hi guys, i just bought myself a bike designed for 'All Mountain', only problem is that i don't know where it is! I've checked all the maps and stuff, could someone please tell me where i can find it? :confused5:

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr plow
    Hi guys, i just bought myself a bike designed for 'All Mountain', only problem is that i don't know where it is! I've checked all the maps and stuff, could someone please tell me where i can find it? :confused5:

    It's not on your map, its in the bike company's ad dept. My all mtn bike is a Bullit. I guess Santa Cruz had no idea the built it for that.
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