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    Post Your Suspension Setups (Information Database Written By You)

    I got an idea after learning my way around my Reba RL fork, and I'm interested to hear what pressures everyone here runs their air forks at. I only just discovered that RockShox' recommended PSI by weight on the front fork is way above what one would typically want in all-mountain riding. I think that a thread like this could easily become a useful resource for those who are beginning to get more into the finer aspects of the sport, and for us to collaborate and discuss which combinations seem to work the best for certain environments.

    So post your stats as shown below, and feel free to throw out any tips you may have that are relevant!

    Bike Model: Scott Scale Elite 29er
    Fork Model: Rockshox Reba RL 100mm
    Suspension Style: Hardtail
    Rider Weight (WITHOUT GEAR): 152lbs
    Fork Travel: 100mm
    Max Drop Distance: (Approximate maximum drop distance on a typical ride) 1 ft.
    Fork P.S.I.:85+, 60- (Positive and negative pressures, not all forks have adjustable negative chambers however)
    Rebound Setting (When applicable):My fork has 22 clicks in the rebound knob. Mine is set 8 clicks away from the slow setting (turtle). This can be easily measured by twisting your rebound knob and counting the clicks. Once it reaches one of the limits, you can easily put it back where it goes with the number of clicks you learned.

    Template for Hardtail posts:
    Bike Model:
    Fork Model:
    Suspension Style: Hardtail
    Rider Weight:
    Fork Travel:
    Max Drop Distance:
    Fork P.S.I.:
    Rebound Setting:

    Template for Full Suspension posts:
    Bike Model:
    Fork Model:
    Rear Suspension Model:
    Suspension Style: Full Suspension
    Rider Weight:
    Fork Travel:
    Rear Suspension Travel:
    Max Drop Distance:
    Fork P.S.I.:
    Rear Suspension PSI:
    Rebound Setting:

    Please let me know if I've forgotten to include any settings and I'll add them to the templates. I saw that there's an all-mountain setups thread, but suspension setups are a complex beast that I believe require their own thread for all of the necessary information to be obtained.

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    Too many variables , suspension setup is also based on different terrains too .. All forks are different and everyone has a different style of riding and the way they like their suspension setup . I could give you my setup but some may not like it and some may, thats why there is trial and error . Most people tune their bikes on the trails that they ride the most .

    So thats pretty much why there really isnt a thread like this. Plus im sure if you search there have been said asked questions too.

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    Have no freakkin idea ... i always set mine by SAG and where im riding it ( 20% SAG or 25% depending on riding conditions ).

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    This kind of question would be relevant for a single bike/frame...but kinda too broad-stroke for every bike, no?

    Edit: if there's a specific bike you're looking for, I'd check the MFG forums... But they kinda tend to default to the particular MFG's high-end bikes. Still, you might be able to glean something from similar models.
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