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    Pivot M4X dual slalom as an AM bike?

    I really want to demo this bike but it will be a while before one is near me. I realize this bike is intended for dual slalom and slopestyle type stuff, where the terrain is relatively smooth, with the suspension only designed to take the sting out of the landings, while being very firm otherwise. But Kyle Straight also uses it for downhill racing and is doing well. I'm wondering how it would handle tech climbs and if the lack of small bump compliance would beat the hell out of you on a rough trail. The BB height is low, but since you set it up to have no sag, it ends up being similar to a soft AM setup after accounting for sag. The rest of the geometry seems similar to my current trail bike. I'm thinking I might get more lift on jump take-offs, bunny hop style, than a softer setup. Might be able to clear landings that I otherwise couldn't. Might be super fun and more playful than my current mush burger.

    Any thoughts?

    Bike Detail | Pivot Cycles - Mountain Bikes for XC, Trail, Downhill
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    Looked at the geometry numbers and it seems the numbers are the same except for the TT length. Seat tube is really short. That might be your limitation.

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