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    In fairness my SPD's that froze up in the snow were the old style, the ones that last forever. Yes my shifter/derr. froze up also so we were all riding single speeds. I did ride the new SPD's/XTR for 3 weeks in Moab and the usual sticky performance was there after a couple hours in the grit. I started carrying dry lube to doctor them during the ride. 3weeks in and they crapped the seal and grease came out so longevity wasn't good. My wife uses SPD's as do several friends so I hope my experience wasn't typical. In the past SPD's were the Gold Std. for reliability .

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    [QUOTE=Fuglio;11057769]These work pretty good.

    I want a set of those, some serious shin damage is about to happen.

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    I recently gave up clipless to ride platforms for a bit and learn some technique (e.g jumping). Anyway, I like these for my platforms. Point One Podium2 .

    For clipless I like the Shiman M647. My advice is ride platforms for a while. Learn to jump, bunnyhop, manual, etc the correct way then move to clipless. It has been very tough for me to correct some bad habits I had developed over the year (e.g. pulling with my legs on jumps) that could have been prevented had I stuck with platforms from the get go.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayem View Post
    Idiotic. SPDs go literally forever, compared to CB and others where sometimes the pedal just falls off the spindle, spindle breaks, bearings blow up, etc (all problems I had with them). I can't say I've ever had a SPD mechanism break through about, oh 15 sets or so?, although I did rebuild a few knockoffs at the bikeshop (tensioning that spring is a PITA!). You can get 520s or 535s for around 35 bucks and they last pretty much forever, kind of hard to beat. For the record, the newer SPD design clears snow just fine, we had, oh, a little more than a foot of fresh snow today and I was out riding and no problems. A few reasons why I prefer SPDs besides just the reliability is the consistency of exit. With Crank Brother's pedals you rely more on angular deflection to release the cleat, whereas the shimano ones rely more on spring tension, meaning if you yank hard enough, they will come out without being deflected to the required limit that CB pedals require. Although the tension may be lower or it may be "easier" to deflect the CB pedals to exit, if you don't get enough angular deflection, they simply will not release no matter how hard you pull. This has caused a few slow-speed falls with the CB pedals because I was trying to rotate my heel inward due to the balance at the exact moment. I find that shimano is easier to get out in this situation (rotating heel inward), which although more rare, still happens. Then there's the cleats, which last a lot longer, vs the brass cleats that wear down and start creating un-predictable release events as they get too loose to stay in the mechanism, causing your knee to shoot into the handlebar, or when you hit a rock with the pedal and the mechanism releases. Also on pedals like the Mallet where the entire mechanism is not exposed, I found there's a higher chance that you'll sometimes try to engage the pedal when the "eggbeater" part is 90 degrees to the body, causing your shoe and cleat to "roll" off the pedal forward. I've definitely had this happen more than once. The 30 degree cant that the 434, 545 and 647 pedals have is a huge advantage here. It's much harder to "mess up" clipping back in, it avoids the negatives of both the CB rotating mechanism and "flat" SPD knockoffs like old azonics. Then of course the shimano pedals have adjustable spring tension.

    To be fair, CB does make the best disposable pedals if you need light weight for one race, but otherwise I find it's not worth it, at least my trashed CB pedals seem to indicate that.

    Hold old are chains?
    Alright........saw it first hand last night...........crank bros mallet spindle just snapped off. Granted this kid saidd he just replaced the beqrings on them, so they probably had some hard miles, and this kid is one of the top kom guys on strava on our local trail system, so he can push. But it was ironically after i claimed thembeing the top choice of world champion downhillers. SNAP!!!!!!! Is what we all we heard as he tryed to crank up a climb. But he did say he breaks everything, lots intense frames also. Maybe crank bros pedals brake alot cuz the best guys are riding them? That could be a correation huh? Heck who knows, maybe they are using sub.metals compared to shimano?

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    I love living in California as I don't have to consider mud or snow getting stuck in my cleats, but I prefer flats anyways.

    To the OP - the Shimano Saint pedals are great pedals that can be had cheap. I like that they are grippy, but still allow me to reposition my feet with out lifting my foot off the pedal. Also, the platform sits further away from the crank arm compared to the newer thin pedals. This helps if you have duck feet positioning like I do, but I believe is the cause of me clipping my pedals as well. I have the new Point One Podium 2s and while they're extremely light, the platform is too close to the crank arm for me (any one want to buy them?), but pedaling a light pedal feels amazing.

    A notable mention are the Spank Spikes. I only tested a pair around the block, but considering that the weight difference between the Spikes and the Saints weren't that different in my hands, I just kept the Saints. Another thing to mention is that the pins for the Saints are EXPENSIVE compared to most pedals where you could go to the hardware store to get metric allen bolts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuglio View Post
    These work pretty good.

    I want a set of those, some serious shin damage is about to happen.
    Ive had a pair of these, no offecnce intended but they are very poor pedals imo, compared to screw in plins placed properly these offer very poor grip, they are ridiculously thick offering less clearance, they are heavy compared to a nice thin pair, theres nothing good about these pedals.
    But they actually dont cause shin damage, the molded pins just dont cut up your legs, put on some thin long pins like the straitlines that can open your leg up to your shin bone with ease and you will feel the difference.
    The ones above are the worst pedals ive ever used, and ive used a hell of a lot of different pedals.
    Dont ever let the truth get in the way of a funny story....

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    I'm a fanboy of CBs My AM has mallets DHs I have some old style candys I have had on a couple different bikes zero probs eggbeaters and new candys on other bikes I still like being clipped in. Years ago I had those old style mallets that Jayem had a picture of. I still have the scars from those chrome thingies on my calfs. I took them off. When I had those one came off the spindle while riding trails in Laguna. Ducked taped it back on. Rode down to their old canyon acares house they operated out of at the time. One of the guys stopped what he was doing rebuilt both pedals in about twenty minutes for free and I was off. My buddy bought that bike from me and still using the pedals on another bike.

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