Hi group ide like to say hello to the group and also say how much I enjoy reading the threads ive been out of the game bike wise for about 25 years, I used to work for Townsend on the assembly lines which I loved, anything bike wise id roll my sleeves up but a disability took me out for a while and im now trying to get back into it and have started my first bike build in 25 years which im enjoying immensely I must say though im stuck with an headset problem ive picked up a frame and forks to a British Eagle Boss oversized frame and forks which needed a 1 1/4 threaded headset ive managed to get a Tange headset from Poland I couldn't find one any where cheap - have a major budget problem but got this for just over £10 which is great but the threaded bearing cup will not engage without going slanted and the threads look mint the main lock nut screwed straight on so the threads I assume are all right any advice would be welcome