Hey everyone. So I am not a great rider and weight about 280. Anyways I been riding hard tail for awhile an a year ago got an NRS 3 with a some minor mods for a good deal. But now I been riding more and more (also losing more and more weight, YIPPIE) and feel maybe I should either get a different bike or upgrade my fork (current fork is a crappy old rokshock.)

So I wonder I got an offer for a 2007 S-Works Stumpy for about 1200 with a Talas RLC fork. But i would need to transfer everything off my NRS to the S. My question is it worth doing the upgrade and how much do you think I could sell an NRS 3 frame... Figure if I could sell the frame for a couple hundred might be worth doing.

Just to let you know I ride in SoCal, LA to be exact. Nothing to crazy, but would like to keep up with the group, as my current ride wont cut it for me.