So i've been getting into mountain biking over the past year, and i've really liked it, I currently have a 2012 rockhopper, which i know isn't the best, but it was in budget last summer, and so i got it and its been fun, but hitting drops I bottom out the fork always and not having rear suspension is annoying.

In short, i'm looking to upgrade to a more freeride bike, primarily a Norco Shore bike, as they are pretty cheap on pinkbike, has anyone ridden these? all the reviews for them are great, but i'm kind of skeptical, anyone with experience: how to they climb? - like, could i go out and ride some local trails with no super steep, technical climbs, but just the average trail riding, could i do that along with some more downhill/free ride oriented stuff?

one i found in Davis, California, United States - photo by Mountainbiker97 - Pinkbike seems too cheap to be real? thoughts?