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Thread: noob needs help

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    noob needs help

    hey everyone, i am new to the forum and relitively new to mountain biking. last summer i started competing in off-road triathlons, right now i am riding a 2006 trek 4300 disc and i need something that is faster (i want a GF superfly). i want to get your oppinions, my plan is to finish this tri season on my current bike and this fall buy a new bike. i am wondering if it would be worth it just to upgrade my bike i have now, and if i were to do that what would be the important things to upgrade? thanks.

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    Sounds like your question would be better suited in an xc forum. But to answer your question there is no exact answer. When you say faster thats also a bit of a. Loaded question. For pedaling effieciency you want a lighter bike. But nothing substitutes saddle time and a set of well trained. Legs heart and lungs.. years of riding and daily practice naturslly develop fastrr times with less effort.

    But as far as equipment goes which is less important, xc racing usually uses hardtails for best pedal efficiency cuz of power transfer. An up to par well tuned fork can help stabalize you through the rough stuff. But the best way to shave effective weight is reducing rolling resistance. Which equal wheel rim weight, tire weight, tread design, inner tube weight. Granted light faster treads usually mean less traction in the grand scheme of tire designs. It really comes down to a give and take process as far that goes though.
    Next would be things such as pedal and shoe weight.
    Then next would be all you static weight frame bars etc.
    I was told once reducing 1lb of rolling weight is equivelant to 4lb static weight. So in the end. It will come down to budget. Your premium xc carbon bike are very expensive . Do some research. Being a weight weenie can get pricey. Good luck in finding your next race tool.

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    It wouldn't be worth it to upgrade your current bike. You'd pour a LOT of money into new, lighter components, but the frame would still be a rather entry level frame, and it would perform as such. If you are doing things like Xterra races (assuming that from off-road tris), you're going to need a pretty specific style of bike. Sounds like you are on the right path by looking at 29ers. Most Xterra courses are pretty much XC courses. Nothing too hairy that would force you to need much rear suspension. As mentioned above, rolling mass will be a very important, so look at the lightest wheelset you can find that still has good ratings. If you want to get something with a bit of rear suspension (many xc racers are making the switch due to the added benefits while descending), I'd look at bikes like the Giant Anthem 29er. It's got just enough rear suspension to make it float over stuff effortlessly, but it doesn't lose any noticeable amount of efficiency.
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    Re: noob needs help

    Agree, frame isn't worth upgrading, its a pretty entry level ride. For example, takes an 80mm, straight steerer fork. Today, typical xc bike takes a 110mm at least, and usually a tapered steerer.

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