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    New shock making lots of noices.


    My new X-Fusion O2 RLX makes alot of sound when damping, more then my old O2 PVA.

    I bet the sound is just oil flowing fast, and making the hydrolic sound, but what i dont like is the metallic hard sound the shock makes when it rebound out to max. The "knock" is so hard that i can feel it in the pedals and bars while riding, and the sound is like if the shock was not tighten and was loose.

    Anyone wanna take a stabb at it and have a guess what it could be?
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    Check your headset as that may be loose. When i first installed my trace on my yell, after two rides the headset became loose. This was due to it settling in after the first two rides. So you may need to add a little spacer.

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