Hi all,

I'm new around here. From South Africa and been riding a Schwinn Mesa hardtail for about a year. Started my MTBing career with an early crash (last June) and tore my AC joint. I've been "rebuilt" better and stronger and still riding as often as possible!

Recently bought a 2005 Scott Genius MC50 frame with Scott rear shock and rims for a really good price. And I've been dragged to the depths of Dante's Hell! I hadn't budgeted for the frame to begin with (was thinking of buying a full suss bike in December) and now I'm trying to get a good deal on building it up!

Please can I have advice on front shocks, etc. My idea is to buy a full LX system including cassette, bottom bracket and both disc brakes, and I've been offered a pretty good price on a Rock Shox Tora 318 (85 - 130mm)

Should I buy a second hand hardtail with all the right components, or piece together the parts one by one? Should I buy the Tora at equivalent to 291 USD or go with a smaller fork?

Should I go full LX or is it worth spending the extra on an XT rer derailleur?

As you can see, I've got some serious life changing questions here

Thanks for any help!