hey guys.. i'm looking to get into mountain biking this year.. decided to start looking around for a good deal on craigslist..

I want to find something that's cheap enough to where if I find out I don't stick with it im happy with still owning the bike for the amount I ride it. But good enough to give me a good go at it and hold up as well.

this is what I found:


This Mountain Bike was bought in 2010 , its a 2009 bike, Its Medium Frame for a male or female from 5'4' to 5'11'', weight 130-200
Its a very lightweight, Hardtail Frame
K2 ZED 4.0 Hardtail Mountain bike

K2 ZED 4.0 Hardtail Mountain bike
Tuned up and ready to go
Size- Medium
Tires: WTB Motoraptor 2.14 49/52
Brakes: Shimano
Suspension: Tenneco Marzocchi
Fork: Tenneco Marzocchi Rebound
GearShifter: Shimano Deore Gear Shifter
Shimano WH-MSOS Spokes
Rims: Shimano
Shimano Mountain sport wheels

Aftermarket Clipless Pedals.
Aftermarket Handlebar Grips
Mechanical Disk Brakes
Note - the right gear shift indicator doesn't work - But- the gears ,chains, are 100% functional

Well maintained with consistent Tuneup


I could post some pictures as well if you guys need a look at it.

I can't seem to find much about this actual bike (2009 K2 ZED 4.0) i can find earlier or later versions of it.. or even the 1.0 , 2.0 3.0 4.4 etc. but can't seem to find exactly what this is worth or if the components are decent enough. But i do find some 4.0 newer and olders that are around $500-$700

The guy wants $185 firm

I need some experts to help me out and let me know if its a good deal.. or if i can buy this brand new for $220 and I should just move on and keep looking!

Thanks guys