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    New Dakar 2.0! Finally!!! Rejoicing and problems!

    So, after what feels like months of waiting (in reality, only a month of decision making, and another few weeks to organize funds and wait for shipping), I've got my first AM rig! I snagged a new 2005 Jamis Dakar 2.0, and it's sick, sick, sick. I'll post bike porn soon, but I have a few questions/concerns to share with you guys.

    First of all, I purchased from Jenson USA. These guys were pretty good. They processed and shipping neither fast or too slow. It seemed to take for ever, but in reality, the total wait time was 14 days (starting on the day I ordered it to the day it arrived). When it arrived, things were in pretty good condition. I ordered the bike + an SPV pump + a bleed kit + a chainstay protector + some lube. Problems: the face to the SPV pump was shattered. Problem: the spacer for the front disc brake had fallen out and the breaks had closed up. Problem: there was some scratching on the chainstay and scuffing on a few parts of the bike. Problem: there were NO instructions on assembling the partially assembled bike. It claimed to have instructions inside, but upon examination, there were none to be found.
    Now, I've never done bike maintainence. This is all new to me. So, I got a friend of mine who is a mechanic (but not a bike mechanic) to help me put the bike together. I think we did a pretty good job, but I have the inherent feeling that we messed things up fundamentally from the start, somehow permanently tarnishing the bike. Tomorrow, I'll be taking it to a bike shop, and having them put it in good order, so I'm sure it will be fine, but there were a few things that happened that worry me.
    a.) My friend had to force open the front disc break with a blade-head screwdriver. He actually found the pistons and pressed them/pushed them back, which later we read we were supposed to do. Only problem, I think the break pad got mildly scuffed on the exposed edges. I also had a problem fitting the rotar in at first, and thing I may have done it mild damage then. The back break still had the spacer in, so this wasn't an issue. Now, after assembly, the back break works AOK, but the front doesn't tighten on the disc enough, leaving the wheel a little bit of spinning motion despite applied breaks. I'm sure the shop can fix this (I hope).
    b.) I tightened the headset, but evidently not enough. I have tried to ride this bike only one time (will not try again until it goes to the shop), and I rode 10 feet before the wheel turned, but the handlebars didn't First crash, w00t! Unfortunately, I believe this bent my front rim, although not badly. Now it will need truing, and forever reason, I'm worried I f'ed it permanently. Again, probably not, but here's a kid with his first real mountain bike ever... obsessed, yes. It also worries me that the Mavic 317's bent this easily. My old POS single walled rims never bent, despite some abuse. If these bend easily, I'm going to be really dissapointed.
    c.) I don't know much about running cables, and I had to run the IT switch and cable on my Minute 3. I don't think I did a good job, and it feels really bad when using it. It functions, but I can't imagine it's done properly.
    d.) There is a knocking sound when I compress and then decompress my Minute 3. It happens on the decompression. I'm not sure what it is, but the shock hasn't been set up, so again, I'm hoping the bike shop comes to the rescue.\
    e.) I'm just generally mad at myself for a not super good assembly shop. I scraped the crankarm when installing my pedal b/c my wrench was too thick. I scuffed up my rotar a bit on the front. Just small stuff like that which ultimately feels crappy when carried out on a new, expensive bike. It looks great... these are all really small details that only I will ever know about (well... and you guys ), but I'm a bit OCD at the moment about this beauty (you should see all the bike porn I took).

    So, I dunno. Reassure me, fellas. Help me pinpoint problems, tell me everything is ok, and I hope you all will enjoy the pics. This bike is super-sexy, and I'm really happy with the purchase. It should be no time at all (I hope) until I bombing the hillsides

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    Don't worry, it'll all be ok.

    a. The damage to the pads is inconsequential as long as the caliper piston wasn't scratched as well. I'm not sure what's going on with the front brake, maybe it needs to be bled.
    b. You need to tighten the pinch bolts on the stem. The bolt in the middle of the steerer tube should not be very tight, just snug, and after you snug that one down then straighten the bars and tighten the pinch bolts. The pinch bolts keep the bars and wheel turning together. The Mavic wheels are probably machine assembled and the spoke tension is probably pretty lousy.
    c. I dunno, should be pretty simple.
    d. Sounds like your rebound is set too fast and your fork is topping out. Also make sure your fork has enough air pressure and that you depress the IT lever a few times as you are filling it up.
    e. It's a mountain bike. It's gonna get banged up!

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    Some mud and a good crash or two and you'll never notice any of the marks that you put on it. I'm sure that for 50 bucks the LBS can get it to 110%. One good ride and it will all be forgotten. My recent rebuild was a nightmare. But it's all good now.

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