Hey everyone,

I am currently riding a 09 GT Force 2.0 and loving it (or I was until I rode my friends titus FTM). I have a couple questions that hopefully you guys can help me with.

How much abuse can this frame take? At the moment I really started to push my self a lot harder then usual and routinely hit 4-6 drops on some of the trails I am riding. The last thing I was is to have some sort of failure. I do realize that this not a freeride bike, but I at want to have some confidence in my bike.

Currently the bike has the suspension that came with it from GT a 140mm Fox 32 Float R up front and the 32 float rear shock. After riding my buddies Titus (Fox 32 talas rlc fork)down one of our trails yesterday I noticed a much better ride, the fork didnt dive in braking, and for some reason the normal speed I would hit some of the jumps would just huck me on this bike alot more then on my GT. So this has got me thinking about upgrading suspension, maybe pick up something in 140mm-160mm range, but the thing is I only paid 900 for the bike and dropping the 600-800 on a new fork and more then likely new wheels to mate up with a threw axle seems a bit much. Are there any good adjustable forks out there that wont break the bank? I know you pay for the Fox brand name, but don't really have to much experience with RS or Marz. Or would it be better to just upgrade to a new bike?

The bikes all stock except for sunline v1 50mm stem and there all mountain bars, and a KS 900 seatpost.

Thanks guys.