What a lot of you may not know, is that Brent Thomson's job was on the line. It seems that Boulder City had been talking about eliminating his position as Trail Master with the city, as the folks in the city government were of the mind that mountain biking didn't bring much revenue into the city coffer, since they only received $5.00 per rider for events held there, and nothing, directly, from riders visiting during times other than when events were being held. Of course, they also receive something like $8800.00 per year from the folks running the Interbike trade show, for allowing the bike industry to come spend 2 days per year there demoing new bikes and stuff.

When reminded that many mountain bikers also stay in local motels and eat at local restaurants, and that most arrive with the gas guage falling toward "E" and leave with a full tank, and that a few people rent bikes or bring their own and break them there and THEN get them FIXED there, and that maybe some riders even manage to spend a few more odd dollars there, they responded that they had no way of knowing how much that really added up to, since it was just lumped in with all the other sales tax and room tax they collect.

SO, they were thinking that perhaps what Brent had done to create a World renouned mountain biking destination, featured in several extreme mountain biking videos and dozens of magazines from every corner of the planet, really wasn't worth the small amount of money and few benefits that they threw his way, and they had been talkjing for quite some time about eliminating his job with the city. Brent had been quite stressed out over the situation with the city for several months. It was actually AFTER the first of this year, that they even told him he had a job for 2009. Dan Haskin and I ( Along with several others) are convinced that this stress contributed to his heart attack on January 10th and his ensuing death.

SOOO, I say we show them just how much money flows into Boulder City from all of us!
(Or I should say, from BRENT'S hard work!!!) What I am proposing is that whenever you visit the Bootleg Canyon Trail Network in Boulder City; whether it be this weekend, for Brent's memorial, during Interbike, or anytime; is that instead of using your credit card for purchases there, that you visit the A.T.M. ahead of time, and that you write the words "Mountain Bike Money" on every bill you plan to spend there. Let's flood Boulder City forever, with a stark reminder of what Brent did for their small town, so that even if they didn't fully appreciate his efforts during his lifetime, that they will soon realize, and always remember who and what he really was!!!!!