Marz XC 700 SL Setup


Okay, so I picked up a new XC 700 SL and have it on my bike now. It replaces a RS PIke 426 Air U-Turn. The Pike was overkill for my type of riding on the bike not to mention dropping just over 1.25 lbs while only loosing 10mm travel.

So here is my question - What is the a good setup for this forks. After much trial & error on my 66 ATA with the various pressures, I was hoping to get some help in getting the 700 SL dialed in.

First off I weigh about 180lb (190 with gear) and ride agressive XC trails. What air pressure should be used in the PAR and SFA chambers. Additionally I thought I read somewhere that the TST ATA forks you don't set/change the PSI in the air chamber under the TST cap. (whereas on the 66 ATA, this can be set at lower PSI to adjust the top of the stroke air spring)

Any comments on setup from those who are running this fork would help.