So I just messed up my beautiful gt lts and I'm having to get another more modern frame to replace it. I've got it down to 3 keep in mind I'm saving up to jump on the 650 b bandwagon by next summer so I'm just trying to build an all round play bike. Choices are an 06 marin attack trail with a swinger 3 way. A newer 2010 marin mount vision frame 120mm (witch I think is sexy looking) and a mountain cycle battery. I ride pretty aggressive and I'd like to do some light freeride. I live in fl and travel the southeast to ride , the terrain varies from very flat to very not flat. I'm not a fan of climbing but I love to fly down. I've read nothing but good things about all three bikes but I'm not really finding enough info... the attack has the most travel at 6" , the mt vision has 120mm and the battery has around 5". I like the idea of having a 6" travel bike but did the suspension design change enough with the newer mt vision to make it a better bike with less travel? And as for the battery it just looks like a fun bike that loves to fly through the air and I wonder about its all mtn worthiness despite some of the very few reveiws I've read.. ill stop here for now and just list the prices and see what you guys think.
2006 Attack trail -250
2010 mt vision 5.8-500
Mountain cycle battery -350