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Thread: To many options

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    To many options

    Retiring from cross country motorcycle racing but can never retire from racing all together so I'm going to give mtb racing a shot. But I have read and researched my self into total confusion. I should mention I have lost 70lbs and 60 inches this year, so I also want to use the bike to keep me in the shape I'm in or better. That's enough about me, I know I want a 29er hardtail and I think I want to stick with trek. I have several options, there is a 2012 superfly in the classified section, and a 2014 xcalibur 9 on my local craigslist, or I can order a new xcalibur 5 from a local dealer? With that being said I can always save more penny's and upgrade if there is something else I should be looking at?

    The superfly wasn't on my mind until the local dealer showed me what 4lbs actually felt like and racing 250lb motorcycles for 2 hrs at a time I can appreciate the weight savings. With that being said, I understand a lot less about the individual components then I know so any direction would be appreciated.

    I'm heading to a local race this morning as a spectator to check it all out.

    Thank you in advance.


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    I started this in the wrong section and don't know how to move it?

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