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    I personally think 29ers make nice AM bikes.

    * Frame Size & Color:Custom Curtlo with 5" Ventana rear triangle
    * Fork:White Brothers 5" Fluid 130
    * Brakes:Avid Mech
    * Cranks:XT 2 ring + bash
    * Front Derailleur:?
    * Rear Derailleur:XO
    * Pedals:Eggs
    * Stem:Ritchey
    * Handlebar:On-one Mary
    * Seatpost:Thompson
    * Saddle:Koobi
    * Bottom Bracket:external
    * Cassette:?
    * Headset:King
    * Grips:Oury
    * Front Tire:Exiwolf
    * Front RimT TK 7.1
    * Front Hub/Skewer:King TA
    * Rear Tire:Exiwolf
    * Rear RimT TK 7.1
    * Rear Hub/Skewer:King
    * Weight about 31 lbs or so.
    GRIPSHIFT baby.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buddhak
    And I thought I had a bike obsession. You are at once tragic and awesome.

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    * Frame Size & Color: 05 Kona Coiler/18"/Blue
    * Fork: Marzocchi 66RC2X
    * Brakes: Hayes Mag 8" w/ Dangerboy Levers
    * Cranks: RaceFace Deus XC
    * Front Derailleur: Shimano
    * Rear Derailleur:Shimano
    * Pedals:Crankbros 50/50
    * Stem: Deity
    * Handlebar: Deity
    * Seatpost:
    * Saddle:Wtb
    * Bottom Bracket: Race Face
    * Cassette: Shimano
    * Headset: CK Blue
    * Grips: ODI
    * Front Tire: Maxxis Minion DH 2.35"
    * Front Rim: Mavic Deemax
    * Front Hub/Skewer: Mavic Deemax
    * Rear Tire: Maxxis Minion DH 2.35"
    * Rear Rim: Mavic Deemax
    * Rear Hub/Skewer: Mavic Deemax
    * Weight: Heavy

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    2006 Enduro Elite
    * Frame Size & Color: Medium Green
    * Fork: 2006 Marzocchi All Mountain 2
    * Pedals: Specialized Lo-Pro Mag Platforms
    * Stem: Titec
    * Handlebar: Truvativ XR
    * Grips: ODI Lock Ons

    All the the rest is stock.. for now!

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    Too Much Fun
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    My "AM" Nomad, AKA "The Pleasure Craft"

    After years of being a hardtail riding weight weenie I took the blue pill and went to the bouncy side. I love this thing.

    All mountain? Sure, whatever that means. All the new skool catagories confuse me.

    Its a mountain bike and I ride it all over the mountain so I guess that counts!

    * Santa Cruz Nomad, Medium, Polished, DHXAir
    * Marzo 66SL
    * Avid Juicy Carbons (185 ft, 160 r)
    * Shimano XT cranks
    * Shimano XT ft der.
    * SRAM XO rear der.
    * SRAM XO triggers
    * SRAM hollowpin chain
    * Shimano old 959 pedals
    * Thompson X4 stem, 70mm
    * RaceFace Next Carbon riser
    * Thompson Masterpiece post
    * Flite Ti
    * XT integrated BB
    * XT cassette
    * CK headset
    * Saris generics grips (getting some Ourys whenever I get around to it)
    * Nokian NBX 2.3 front and rear
    * Velocity
    * Marzo 20mm front hub
    * CK ISO rear hub
    * 29.94lbs. NO LIE!

    - -benja- -

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    Fort Valley = Gnarl Fest
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    here is the old AM rig and the one that replaced it (aka jacked its parts). The new rig is gona suck cranking up hill but we're not racing here are we?
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    A little bit o' Cake

    Ok, this one is definitely on the light end of the AM spectrum... but I've got too many hills to deal with locally not to have a good climber. I went with a jack of all trades (5" travel heavy XC / light AM) that could do respectably in an all mountain / trail role but still cut and run / climb like the blazes when required. It is still too new to have a lot of upgrades (I'll wear things out then replace, but some of my thoughts are included):

    * Frame Size & Color: 06 Cake 2DLX, 19" frame, blue
    * Fork: Float Fox 130R
    * Shock: Manitou Swinger 3-way
    * Brakes: Hayes HFX 9, 6" rotors (likely going to 8" front)
    * Cranks: Bontrager stamped Truvativ Fire X
    * Front Derailleur: Shimano LX
    * Rear Derailleur: Shimano XT
    * Pedals: Shimano M520
    * Stem: Bontrager Race OS
    * Handlebar: Bontrager Select OS
    * Seatpost: Bontrager Select (will likely go to Thompson in future)
    * Saddle:Bontrager Select (likely WTB in not so distant future)
    * Bottom Bracket: Truvative GXP External
    * Cassette: SRAM PG970
    * Headset: Aheadset / Crane Creek
    * Grips: Bontrager Lock-on (I don't care much as long as my gloves stick to 'em)
    * Front Tire: Bontrager ACX (likely going Panaracers for local conditions)
    * Front Rim: Bontrager (will change, thinking Mavics)
    * Front Hub/Skewer: Bontrager (will change, thinking Hope)
    * Rear Tire: Bontrager ACX (likely going Panaracers for local conditions)
    * Rear Rim: Bontrager (will change, thinking Mavics)
    * Rear Hub/Skewer: Bontrager (will , thinking Hope)
    * Weight: 33lbs as shown, just under 31lbs without the night riding light + battery

    As if four times wasn't enough-> Psycho Mike's 2013 Ride to Conquer Cancer Page

    Moran? Let your opinion be free -> F88me

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    * Frame Size & Color: R.M. Switch SL med.
    * Fork:Z1 FR SL
    * Brakes: HFX-9 Carbon
    * Cranks: Race Face Evolve XC
    * Shifters: SRAM X-O Trigger
    * Front Derailleur: Shimano LX
    * Rear Derailleur: X-9
    * Pedals:Shimano
    * Stem: Easton Vice
    * Handlebar: FSA K-force xc Carbon
    * Seatpost: Easton EA-50
    * Saddle: SDG
    * Bottom Bracket: Race Face
    * Cassette: SRAM
    * Headset: FSA Orbit
    * Grips:Lizard Skins North Shore
    * Front Tire: Nevegal Stick-E 2.35
    * Front Rim: Mavic XM-321 Disc
    * Front Hub/Skewer: Rocky Mountain 20mm
    * Rear Tire:Nevegal Stick-E 2.35
    * Rear Rim:Mavic XM-321 Disc
    * Rear Hub/Skewer: Shimano M-525 QR
    * Weight ???
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    Frame: Yeti 575, XL ano
    Fork: Marzocchi AM1
    Headset: Chris King
    Brakes: Hope Mini
    Steam and seat post: Thomson Elite
    Hubs, cranks and front derailleur: Shimano XT

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    Let's Go!
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    Here's my Heckler

    * Frame Size & Color: 2005 Santa Cruz Heckler, Ano Black, Medium
    * Fork: 2005 Fox Float RLC 130mm
    * Brakes: 2002 Avid Mechs
    * Cranks: Race Face XC
    * Front Derailleur: Shimano XT
    * Rear Derailleur: SRAM XO
    * Pedals: Ritchies
    * Stem: Bontrager 7deg rise 60mm
    * Handlebar: Easton Monkeylite EA70
    * Seatpost: Thomson
    * Saddle: WTB
    * Bottom Bracket: Raceface integrated
    * Cassette: SRAM 990
    * Headset: Cane Creek S3
    * Grips: Race Face
    * Front Tire: Kenda Nevagal 2.1 - Stan's Tubeless kit
    * Front Rim: Mavic 717
    * Front Hub/Skewer: Hope / Salsa
    * Rear Tire: Kenda Nevegal 2.1 - Stan's Tubeless kit
    * Rear Rim: Mavic 717
    * Rear Hub/Skewer: Hope / Salsa
    * Weight: 29.5 (bathroom digital scale)

    The Spring on the 5th Element is titanium (smooth) -.4 lb.
    I am changing to Specialized Pro 2.3 tires soon which will add about
    .4 lbs to the bike but should yeild a greater contact patch and
    increased cornering traction with the Stan's Tubless kit.
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    My "All Mountain"

    Here it is, in "All Mountain" glory..

    Go ride your bike, you friggin' geek!

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    Here's the 'Ol Lady's ride...

    Frame-05 small Titus Motolite
    Fork-Fox talas RLC Pushed
    Brakes-Shimano XTR calipers with 180/160 Magura Marta rotors
    Crank-170mm Shimano XTR/XT spider and rings
    F Der- XTR
    R Der- XTR
    Pedals-Crank Bros Candy SL with Ti spindle
    Stem-Race Face Deus XC 90mm
    Bars-Easton Monkey Lite risers, cut down
    Seatpost-Syncros Ti with Thompson rail clamps/M2 Racer collar
    Saddle-WTB Laser She Ti rails
    Cassette-XTR Ti
    Head set-King Tittie Pink, with Ti lower race
    Grips-Salsa Peppers trimmed
    Tires-Michellin XCR Dry 2.0 with Stans
    Rims-Mavic X222
    Hubs-DT Hugi
    QR-Salsa SS
    *Every* stainless steel fastener on the bike has been swapped out for a pink tiodised Ti fastener. Even the B tension screw. If it's threaded, it was replaced.
    Weight-24.75 lbs
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    Ripping trails and tipping ales

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    2006 Norco Six

    * Frame Size & Color:2006 Norco Six medium anodized black Fox DHX 3.0
    * Fork:2004 Marzocchi Z150SL
    * Brakes:Shimano Deore Hydraulics
    * Cranks:Shimano Hone
    * Front Derailleur:Shimano LX
    * Rear Derailleur:Shimano XT
    * Pedals:Cheap flats
    * Stem:Stiffy
    * Handlebar:Old Kona house brand
    * Seatpost:Titec SGD
    * Saddle:SGD
    * Bottom Bracket:Shimano Hone
    * Cassette:Sram cheap
    * Headset:Blackspire
    * Grips:ODI Lockons
    * Front Tire:Kenda Nevegal 2.5 kevlar
    * Front Rim:Sun Singletrack
    * Front Hub/Skewer:Quandro 20mm
    * Rear Tire:Kenda Nevegal 2.3 kevlar
    * Rear Rim:Sun Singletrack
    * Rear Hub/Skewer: Shimano Deore QR
    * Weight 37 lbs

    I built this bike for my knee rehab after ACL reconstruction surgery. I'm amazed at how much fun I'm having, it has allowed me to rediscover how much fun ripping up singletrack really is. I'm in no hurry to get back on the 47 lb DH bike!

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    My AM rig..

    I won't bore you with the specs; kinda in the middle of up grading parts, but have changed stem, shocky spring and wanting to upgrade hubs, forks and maybe brakes and discs. Oh, and new s-type rims on the way.


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    my trail kona

    this here is my kona kikapu, I ride some burly trails so it has become more rugged over time. I also run a dual ring guide with a blackspire bash guard.



    * Frame Size & Color: 03 kikapu
    * Forkike454coil
    * Brakes:deore-hydros
    * Cranks:deore
    * Front Derailleur:lx
    * Rear Derailleur:lx
    * Pedals:flats
    * Stem:truvativ
    * Handlebar:truvativ
    * Saddle:WTB
    * Bottom Bracket:
    * Cassette:
    * Headset:
    * Grips:
    * Front Tire:highroller
    * Front Rim:
    * Front Hub/Skewer:WTB-20mm
    * Rear Tire:vertical-2.3
    * Rear Rim:
    * Rear Hub/Skewer
    * Weight29-32pounds?

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    Lets ride
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    My All Mountain Rig...

    * Frame Size & Color: 17” ’05 Kona Coiler Primo - Warning sign yellow
    * Fork: ’05 Marzocchi Z1FR1 ETA for XC and Marz. ’05 66 at 170mm travel for DH
    * Brakes: Hayes Mag
    * Cranks: RaceFace Atlas AM X-type
    * Front Derailleur: XT
    * Rear Derailleur: XT-short cage
    * Pedals: Shimano M540 for XC – Odyssey flats for DH
    * Stem: RaceFace Evolve All Mountain
    * Handlebar: RaceFace Evolve DH
    * Seatpost: RaceFace Atlas AM
    * Saddle: WTB Laser V Race
    * Bottom Bracket: RaceFace Evolve DH X-type
    * Cassette: XT/11-34
    * Headset: King
    * Grips: ODI lock on
    * Front Tire: Kenda Kinetics 2.6
    * Front Rim: Mavic 819 UST
    * Front Hub/Skewer: Marzocchi/20mm thru axel
    * Rear Tire: Kenda Kinetics 2.6
    * Rear Rim: Mavic 823
    * Rear Hub/Skewer: King with XT skewer, black Salsa on the way
    * Weight ~33-34 on the bathroom scale
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    Moto Lite Me Like

    2006 Motolite Medium Blue with Fox RP3 shock
    RockShox Revelation 426 U-Turn no PopLoc in black, 100-130mm travel
    Chris King headset, silver
    Thomson X4 stem, 90mm, 0deg, black
    Thomson Elite seatpost, 330mm, black
    SDG Bel-Air RL saddle, Snow Leopard (!!)
    Avid Juicy 7 brakes, 185mm Front, 160mm Rear
    Easton EC70 MonkeyLite CNT carbon bars, 31.4mm, black
    Ergon grips
    Shimano XT shifters, black
    Shimano XT front mech, top pull, top swing (?)
    Shimano XT rear mech, long-cage, low-normal(?)
    Shimano XT cassette
    Shimano XT crankset, Hollowtech II with integrated exo. BB
    SRAM PC951 chain with gold PowerLink
    Crank Bros. EggBeater SL pedals (recently changed from Time ATACs)
    Wheels: Mavic X317d rims on Shimano XT hubs, all black (soon to be upgraded to Mavic XC717 on Hope Pro II)
    Tyres: Panaracer Fire XC 2.1 or Trailraker 2.1 or Cinder 2.25 depending on conditions.

    All in all, a GREAT bike!

    Other stats:

    Height: 5' 8"
    Weight: 150 lbs with gear
    Air pressures: rear 120 psi
    front + 85 psi
    front - 90 psi (all approx. - still experimenting)
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    my 1998 titus quasi moto after innumerable parts changes with an evil sovereign behind it in commuter single speed mode.
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    Mar 2005

    Some of my bikes

    The azonic is the newest and started out as a beater shop bike to run errands on. It still is the shop bike but not really a beater. It just is not in my nature.
    * Frame Size & Color: Azonic steelhead
    * Fork: Marzocchi dj 1
    * Brakes: hope mono minis w/6" rotors
    * Cranks: truvative stylo's
    * Front Derailleur: sram xgen
    * Rear Derailleur: sram x0
    * Pedals: azonic aframes
    * Stem: syncros bear hug
    * Handlebar: titec carbon riser
    * Seatpost:easton ec70
    * Saddle: sdg comp ti kevlar
    * Bottom Bracket: Raceface Signature DH ISIS
    * Cassette: dura ace 11-2? (can't remember)
    * Headset: king rasta
    * Grips: salsa's
    * Front Tire:wtb velociraptor ( will be fatter whenn these wear out)
    * Wheelset: wtb laser disc dh
    * Weight: ???
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    I was fast once, but then what fast was changed...

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    Here´s mine..

    2005 Enduro with 5th element coil
    Pike 454 dual air
    Crossmax XL
    XT discs
    XT crankset
    959 pedals
    X9 shifters&derailleur
    EC70 carbon riser
    Deus XC stem
    Continental vertical protection tires
    weight ~30 lbs

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    * Frame Size & Color: 2006 Chumba Racing Evo, small/medium black
    * Fork: 2006 Fox 36 talas rc2
    * Brakes:avid juicy 7, 7 inch
    * Cranks:truvativ stylo x
    * Front Derailleur:xtr e type
    * Rear Derailleur:x-9
    * Pedals:spud
    * Stem:thompson
    * Handlebar:truvativ
    * Seatpost:sdg
    * Saddle:sdg
    * Bottom Bracket: howitzer
    * Cassette: x-9
    * Headset:cane creek
    * Grips: odi
    * Front Tire:nevegal
    * Front Rim:dt fr
    * Front Hub/Skewer: dt
    * Rear Tire: nevegal
    * Rear Rim:dt fr
    * Rear Hub/Skewer dt
    * Weight: 29.7 lbs, frame 7lbs

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    Here's mine
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    Appalachian Singletrack'n
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    I'll Play

    You guys have a serious lack of Big Wheeled rigs here so I’ll throw mine up.

    Ventana “El Capitan” (29er for those of you that arnt familiar)
    Maverick DUC converted to 29er use
    Industry Nine wheels built with Salsa 29 mm disc rims
    XT/XTR drivetrain
    Syntace 16 deg 27” bars
    Avid BB7 160/180
    King Thomson etc…
    She rolls about 29lbs and can take just about anything the southern Appalachians can throw at her. From long days in Pisgah to 100 mile races this thing gets me all over a bunch of mountains.
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    * Frame Size & Color: 2005 Ellsworth Joker / Black / Large (19") w/ Maintou Swinger Coil SPV 3-Way 7"
    * Fork: Fox Vanilla RLC 130
    * Brakes: Shimano LX hydraulics
    * Cranks: Shimano XT w/ integrated BB
    * Front Derailleur: Shimano XT
    * Rear Derailleur: Shimano XT
    * Pedals: Crank Brothers Candy C
    * Stem: Thomson 120mm o degree
    * Handlebar: Easton Monkey Monkey Light XC carbon riser
    * Seatpost: Thomson setback 410mm
    * Saddle: WTB Speed V
    * Bottom Bracket: integrated XT
    * Cassette: Shimano XT 11x34
    * Headset: Cane Creek S2
    * Grips: WTB Dual Compound
    * Front Tire: Kenda Nevegal 2.1
    * Front Rim: Mavic 223
    * Front Hub/Skewer: Shimano XT
    * Rear Tire: Kenda Nevegal 2.1
    * Rear Rim: Mavic 223
    * Rear Hub/Skewer Shimano XT
    * Weight - 30.5 lbs

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    Took a couple of months but I finall got all of the components together to have my bike built. Just put my second ride on it this evening.

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    another cool thing about this bike is:

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