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  • Warden (Used)

    2 12.50%
  • Spartan (new)

    10 62.50%
  • Knolly Frame (build a dream)

    5 31.25%
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    New question here. Knolly Warden or Devinci Spartan

    So here is my quandary to buy a new carbon Spartan XP (with that lifetime frame warranty) or a used Knolly Spartan at about the same price point.

    The Knolly looks to be exceptionally well cared for, XO1 11 speed drive train (not a big selling point to me as 1x10 with a OneUp is certainly cheaper to build and currently maintain), needs a dropper post (I have a post but I'm getting mixed reviews on using shims with dropper posts) and a new stem, but with Fox 36 Factory Float. Or I could just buy the frame at discount and build my own bike up (but whole bike deals are so much easier on the cheque book).

    I love the look of both bikes, the Devinci in black & white looks so "classic", and the Knolly has an aesthetic all its own.

    I've only had a parking lot test on the Devinci and it feels good. I have had the pleasure of descending a groomed trail on the Knolly and it rails, the owner loves it (but does look wistfully at the Pivot Mach 6 sometimes).

    Devinci likely a little cheaper with the bro deal too, and added LBS support.

    If it helps, I've ridden the Transition Scout, really liked this bike, then spent a day on the Transition Patrol which I loved (alas, it is more expensive than either of the two bikes above). Sitting right between these would be the Rocky Mountain Altitude Rally, easy on the fire roads, great on the technical climbs, better than the Patrol going up, but the Patrol is more fun and stable (subjectively) on the down, alas the RMB has a flared top tube that snags on my knee brace hinge.

    Your thoughts....

    edit: "Think of [it] like...." Oops.

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    The Devinci has shorter reach, and a higher reach than the Warden. How does it fit you?
    I would have a hard time getting a good position on the Spartan so this would make my choice easy. We are likely not built the same so maybe the Spartan will fit you better. I recently bought a Warden and the Devinci didn't make my list because of the reach and stack. Especially the stack.
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    Funny you mention stack height, I had a chance to do a side by side with the Kona Process 153, the Kona is noticeably lower, and the bar that felt longer was actually shorter, and the shorter bar felt longer (now if I could only remember which was which). I liked both the Kona and the Devinci, but no Kona carbon yet, and the Devinci finish detail is nicer (and its not orange).

    Knolly feels like your sitting in the bike, I was waffling on size, I'm 6'1" a Large with 50ish mm stem or XL with a short stem. The first large I tried had a short stem, too short, felt a bit "knees up" when pedalling in the seat. But I still really need a good chance to do a technical climb and Northshore descent to be sure. Parking lots and groomed trails don't really count.

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