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Thread: knee pads

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    knee pads

    I am looking for some feedback on a few specific knee pads. I have searched through many other threads and from the searching I have narrowed my choices down to the 661 Kyle Straight; 661 Tomcat; Rockgardn LZ Shorty; and the TLD T-Bone.

    I would appreciate side by side comparison for those of you who have experience with more than one of these.

    I am looking for the most comfortable knee protection I can find. Something I can put on and forget about. I think all of the choices above offer similar protection but any other info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Kyle Straits work really well, they have a nice flexible hard shell in the knee pad. They can be a little hot but the protection is worth it. The Tomcats might as well be neoprene knee sleeves, they don't provide much in the way of protection but are easier to pedal with. Hope that helps. I'd go with the Straits.
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    tons of threads on this already, try a search.

    Here's a recent one:

    Best Knee Pads for AM riding?

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