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    New question here. inner tube air leak where it connects to Presta valve.


    Could anybody suggest likely cause why it happened.

    I have Specialized Stump Jumper old edition that I got on flee market.
    Tires appeared well inflated.

    After i took it for a spin around my block front tire got flat.
    I found the leak at the base of the presta valve where it connects with inner tube.

    Later, as i was putting air with hand pump into the back tire I noticed leak. It turned out to be the same problem(leaking air at the base of the presta valve)

    When i removed tires, the tape on both rims/wheels, (around the rims) was missing in places and cracked.

    When I purchased it, the tires that were placed on the 26 inch wheels were 2" tires.

    I replaced inner tubes. The inner tubes that I put on are Bell brand 2" ones to fit specifications on the tires) and put tape inside the wheel rims. After I inflated tires, they look kind of bulky comparing to the metal wheel rim. And when i made a small test drive, on a sharp turn, it felt like the rubber of the wheel kind of "flexed" or "gave way" I am not sure how to describe it.... it did not deflate nor anything with the tire/wheel changed visually. I decided not try to repeat the experiment until I talk to some more experienced riders.

    Because I am novice I am not sure if the problem is tires too big or old rubber of previous inner tubes, or what?

    I am holding from riding it until I learn some more on why it happened.

    Thank you for your advise !!!
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    inner tube air leak where it connects to Presta valve.

    Probably a combination of things. Most likely under-inflated tires and old rubber. It could be that the tires are too wide for the rims, but a 2" tire isn't huge.

    Replace the tubes. Inflate to proper psi and enjoy.

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    Just wandering if the 26 wheel rims come in different width? If they do, what is the standard width of the rims for 2" tires ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel#123 View Post
    Just wandering if the 26 wheel rims come in different width? If they do, what is the standard width of the rims for 2" tires ?
    Yes, rims come in all widths. A wide downhill rim may well be over 30mm (measuring the sidewalls from outside to outside). An XC rim like I imagine your Stumpy has is often much more narrow and is usually around the low to mid 20s. As an example, my previous bike had 26mm rims and I used 2.35" tires with no problems. My current bike's rim is 32mm with some very large 2.5" tires. Remember that this measurement is from the outside of one side of the rim to the outside of the other side, not the inner width. The inner width is the most important measurement, but it follows that a wider outside usually means a wider inside too. Your rims would have to be quite narrow for a 2" tire to be too large for it. My old Cannondale from 1997 came with 2" tires, and its rims were incredibly narrow (I think right around 20mm).

    When properly inflated, tires will almost always be a fair bit wider than the outside of the rim. That is normal. If the tires are too large for a narrow rim, they will sometimes feel gushy from side to side while riding, but low tire pressure will also cause this too. Check your pressure after inflating and let us know what it is and how much you weigh. If you're a big guy like me, I usually keep my tires in the 40lb range. My skinny brother likes his in the low 30s.

    Old tire rubber could also cause it, but that is much more unlikely. If the tires are dry and cracked looking, they should be replaced right away.
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