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    I wonder if the spokes of the wheel are present.


    The spoke in the picture is slightly bent by the chain.
    I am 83 kilograms in weight and Dartmoor Hornet is my bike.
    I travel mainly on a single road with stairs and steps, wondering if it is necessary to replace bent spokes.

    Is it ok to ride in a hard tail oar with a spoke in that state?

    I wonder if the spokes of the wheel are present.-kakaotalk_20171206_001314553.jpg

    I wonder if the spokes of the wheel are present.-kakaotalk_20171206_001314553-vert.jpg

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    Bladed spoke bent across the blade like that I would definitely replace it soon. Stairs and such are rather hard on a bike. When it brakes its not going to cause the wheel to explode or anything, could possibly catch the chain and take the RD out though or cause more damaged spokes.

    Not the end of the world to ride it like that, but that spoke will cause more problems likely sooner than later.

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    Looks like a 24 spoke wheel? IME, you can have a broken spoke or 3 on a 32 spoke wheel an barely notice on a mountain bike (assuming disc brakes), but lose one on a 24 spoke and it can become so far out of true you may have trouble even clearing the chainstays depending on clearing. So I'd agree with the above assessment that it's not in need of instant replacement, but replacing sooner rather than later isn't a bad idea.

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    I would be looking to replace the wheels. No way I'd be riding stairs on 24-spoke wheels.

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