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    How often do you ride?

    The wife and I ride XC (or is that AM now) four times a week during DST. Adds up to be about 6-7,000 feet / 35-50 miles of Front Range single track per week. Now that the lifts have opened the week-ends will include more DH and/or some longer XC stuff.

    I hate non-ride days ...... But luckily today is a ride day

    So how many Mark Weir's (28,000 ft of vert. per week) do we have out there? What about weekend only warriors??
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    depends on the week for me. if i work that week, im lucky if i get to ride the road bike in. 2 weeks ago was a week off and clocked 125-150 in morning rides. next week is the hut trip which will be 250+.

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    Not often!!!

    I All-Foothills 2-3x/week and rides will range from something as short as ~5 miles to as long as ~15 miles. I also try to get in an All-Greenbelt (paved path) ride 1-2x/week and it's usually between 12-20+ miles each ride.
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    It really depends on the Honey-Do list and work.
    The last two weeks I was able to get out for about 200 miles. The two weeks before that I was working in Wisconsin and put in about 100 mi. The month before that I maybe put up about 50 miles.

    August is going to be good for me. 10 days in Whistler and 12 days in N.C.
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    I am the quintessential weekend warrior. Saturday and Sunday if I'm lucky. In the summer there have been weeks where I've gotten 4 days of riding in, but this is not normal.
    I envy those that ride more than once or twice a week. Guess it's not that important that I'll wake up at 4 a.m. or ride at night. Work, family, all that jazz.

    Weekend warrior. That's me.
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    I ride about 4-5 days a week, sometimes ST, sometimes urban, other times dirtjumping, I like it all. Fun to mix it up too, makes me a better overall rider and helps me forget the midwest is flat as hell

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    About the same as you, Steve...4 days a week. In the summer months where I live, some of that will be on a road bike...accck! In the milder months and in the winter I'll ride 4-5 times a week, usually all on an MTB...AM model of course.

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    the way my work schedule is, some weeks only once or twice, other weeks up to 5-6 days. i think i average something like 4.5 rides a week. at least when not injured or anything.
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    Weekend warriror, Saturday & Sunday is definitely a MTB day for me and my Fiance, around 30-35 miles...on weekday, at least one day for short ride, around 15 miles...

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    2-3 times a week..
    usually Tues. Thurs. "before work" morning rides, and a big weekend ride

    hoping to build up to 3-4 morning rides per week

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    Saturdays, & Sundays are reserved for good long AM rides (I have to drive to all the good trails) These rides are a minium of 24 miles, usually more (almost all of the trails here are loops, that I know the exact distance of.)

    During the week I'll do intervals on the road bike, or more likely, hit some urban stuff, or work on "skillz" like getting my bunnyhop higher/smoother..etc...

    But I also mix it up, like this weekend I have a road century that I do every year, so I won't be getting the mountain miles in, or I'll take the downhill bike's all good

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    56 out of the last 94 days, 75-80% above 8000 feet is all I know. AM rawks!
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    1 SS ride, 1 DH ride (local lift access or shuttle) and saturday is the "AM" summit loop. so 3 times a week.
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    3-5 days a week. mileage varies.

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    Pretty much everyday weather permitting, but lately i've been doing more building than riding.

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    3-5 trail rides a week, plus commuting someplace or another pretty much every day, as well as daily goofing off on my mini freeride park in my backyard.

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    This year it was 5-6 days a week every week until I broke my rib a few weeks back. I still commute to work on my single, about 10 miles round trip every day. When I go out in the evening, which has been quite a lot so far, I take my bike too, another 4 or 5 miles round trip.

    Definateely no Mark Weir, but I get the shakes if I don't get my riding fix a few times a week.

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    not nearly enough. I havent been on a ride all week. I need to rebuild the master cylinder for the rear brake on my Marin and I;'ve been too busy. I've been avoiding riding my hardtail because the pedal bearings are shot and I'm not sure if they are going to fail in a bad way or not.
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    Every day
    I commute on a bike, and ride on weekends.
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    Every day for me too....
    I commute to work, do grocery store runs, ride the fitness track for morning PT, and hit the trails on my Nomad.
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    im lucky, i have a great place i can ride about 50 yards from where i live, so i get to ride 7 days a week for about an hour and a half a day

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    Not enough.
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    Not enough :D

    Was doing 5 but they were a bit on the hard side including 50+ road rides (as I was training w/ some friends for a ride they wanted to do) so I cut it to 4 - Sat, Sun, Tues, Thurs. Occassionallly ride other days, but try not to ride more than 2 days in a row. Clock between 70 -110 miles a week on avg.
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    When I rode a 25lb hardtail I rode 5-6 times per week - I live yards from the trail in a "biking destination" town, so it's nothing to sneak out for an hour or two every day. In fact, it's the reason I still live here.

    But, now that my "one" bike is a 39lb 7x7 beast, and I never seem to do less than 10 miles per ride, I get out twice per week, maybe three times. I need the recovery between.

    I recently built a nice hardtail to get me back on the trail with more frquency, but after getting used to the plush travel, I just can't stand the pounding of the hardtail - it's very rocky here. So it looks like I need to build a light full suspension bike to fill the role the HT was intended for. Much more spendy, so this has to wait.
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    Everyday. About 15 miles a day, but all urban.
    Not many trails here though...
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