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    I think for guys over 185lbs, dwlink does respond better. Maybe the extra weight helps get past the inherent pedal platform of dwlink. Both are outstanding bikes and you cant go wrong either way. Ride both and buy the one that feels best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalaficionado View Post
    I decided to wait. I am intrigued by 650b FS and they are still shaping out in the years ahead.
    For now, I changed my stem from 11cm to 7cm, switched to flat pedals, got a koobi prs saddle (blem half off !) and really working on my riding technique. The difference is night and day. I became one of those riders that blame the bike. I realized that I still haven't tapped in to its full potential. The stem change was huge. The flats gave me confidence to push myself and use the proper mtn trechniques. Koobi PRS makes riding a HT more comfortable.

    Thanks for all the input, mtb brethren.
    Koobi makes a great saddle, used to have one on my aluminum road bike. I'm riding a Jamis 650b (older Dakar B1), and the thing I noticed the first time I road it was, I don't think about the bike anymore. I just think about where I want to go, and having fun. Big change from my Gary Fisher Sugar.

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    This is a good question. Obviously the best answer is to buy the one you like the best when you ride. I currently ride a mojo and love it but I have also spent a lot of money improving it which probably isn't a necessity. I love the idea of the pivot but I have not ridden one. I have tried but around here it is hard to find one. I did ride a specialized stump jumper elite Evo and I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked it. It felt great. The geometry really fit me and it was a super smooth bike. I was not able to take it on a serious climb though. It was a very good looking bike as well. I am sure this doesn't help at all. Hehe. I will stick with the mojo though.

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