• 05-04-2013
    Have two sets of wheels and cranksets. Which ones?
    I currently have two wheelsets and two sets of cranks and I'd like some advice on what the folks in this forum would choose between the two of them.

    The wheelsets:
    I've been riding Hope Pro 2 hubs with DT Swiss EX500 rims. I love the Pro 2 sound and they've held up pretty well. No problems outside of a broken spoke. The other wheelset to choose from is DT Swiss EX1750. I haven't ridden on them and don't know much about them other than that they have a pretty good reputation. The EX1750 visually appear a bit beat up but on close inspection seem to be in fine condition. Which would you choose?

    The Cranksets:
    I've been riding on a Shimano SLX double. These are from around 2010 or so and have the steel pedal inserts. Again, no real complaints. The other crankset is a Raceface Atlas AM. Again, don't really know much about Raceface.

  • 05-04-2013
    On the wheelset, that is a really close call - really nothing wrong with either wheelset - the EX1750 may be a bit more burly (the rim) but there is nothing wrong with those EX500 either. I would not classify one or the other an "upgrade" - more a pure lateral move.

    Cranksets - I would choose the SLX between those two. The mounting interface is a better design (imho), is easier to setup, and I find the shimano BB last longer then the raceface ones do.
  • 05-05-2013
    I've heard the EX1750 rim is essentially a white EX500 rim. Not sure if thats true or not.

    I'm leaning toward the Hope hubs and the SLX crankset.

    Thanks for your opinion!
  • 05-05-2013
    I would run the hopes purely because of the sound.

    I have raceface atlas am cranks which have gone through tons of abuse and i love them! i think they look better and are more blingy than slx. if you are concerned about the rf bb reliability, just continue using the shimano bb with the raceface cranks, it works just fine.
  • 05-06-2013
    Such a tough decision!! Ha jk. Why not try them all? Wheels are cranks are a pretty hassle free install/removal. Plus I think the bb works on both cranks. But if your trying to pick one, and sell the extras...I'd go with the dt on hope hubs and SLX cranks. No real reason why, nor do I suspect any difference in performance. Maybe put all options on a scale and see if there is any significant weight savings? Otherwise in a coin toss, and personal preference.
  • 05-06-2013
    If you're looking to keep one set of each and sell the other, price em appropriately and put it all up for sale. Keep what does not sell first.

    Otherwise, keep what's in beat condition so your not buying again as soon.
  • 05-08-2013
    Thanks for the replies everyone. I think I'm going to keep the Hope Hubs/DT rims and the SLX crankset.

    They seem to be in slightly better condition and I just like the look of them more. Appreciate the opinions.