I've been reading the threads on hardtail AM bikes the past few days and I am getting very confused. I am just getting back into MTB again after about 8 years and I need a new ride. I plan on riding a lot on the local trails, to and from work, and some not huge jumps and drops. I can get a really good deal on the GT bikes which is mainly why I'm considering them (I demo'd the avalanche and liked it even tho the demo bike was too big). I know the Kona has a good rep around here but it will be about double the cost of either of the GTs for me. I was mainly looking at the Chucker because of the similar geometry to the five-0 even tho I know putting a longer travel fork will change the head and seat tube angles a bit. Trouble is that I can't find any local shops that have either the Five-0 or the Chucker in stock for me to demo. Help steer me in the right direction please!!