from guys who have ridden either the new fsr elite 29er or the new remedy 8/9 29er/650b, i would like to hear your opinions on them. How they felt, how they climbed, the approximate weight, how agile they were, bla bla...

I am about to invest some serious money here and i want the best out of the 2 brands. Problem is that in Greece we have a 23% VAT !!!!
If i am not wrong, that means that if the price in the site is 4000$ for example, in my country i am gonna buy it for sth less than 5000$. And that's a big financial drop for me.

thx, waiting for your advice.
(I am not any pro rider looking for sth extreme. I want a very smooth bike going down and a bike who can easily handle a let's say 8-10 km road uphill one day. I am pretty fit, as long as legs are concerned, but because of a problem in my knee, i leaned to all-mountain. Of course flat pedals will be used).