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Thread: Freeride?

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    No FR means ditching the meat puppet and giong out on your own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommyrod74
    I could not agree more with this post.

    I do lots of fast XC, some DJ, a good bit of DH, some light-to-medium FR- all on the only mountain bike I own. This is what I think "all mountain" is, and should be.

    Not saying you have to do all these things for your riding to be considered all mountain, but riders who DO dabble in all these, on one bike, shouldn't be excluded.

    If it's part of a trail, I'm damn well gonna try it- and some stuff that's not on a trail, too.

    I think that this is what "freeride" used to mean, and now freeride means "big stunt riding".

    Well... I could not agree more with "your" post.

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