For reasons that make a lot of sense (to me), I prefer to fit fenders to my bikes ~ so please don't tell me I shouldn't!

I like the look of the Freddy Fenders Speedez ATB fenders, but I have my doubts about attaching them to suspension forks. I assume they are designed to go under the fork bridge, but on my forks the bridge is quite close to the tire - which precludes sliding the fender under the bridge (only a few mm tire clearance).

Would mounting the fender on top of the bridge be a dreadful thing to do? The style of riding I do is unlikely to result in maximum compression of the forks - which makes me wonder if mounting the fender on top of the bridge would be OK.

I know there are many different designs of front fenders, but I very much like the design of the Speedez ATB's, and would like to find a way to attach them,