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    Formula R1 brakes

    Hi all!
    I am new to this forum, however not new to mountain biking .

    I am building my first bike ! I ordered the Formula R1 brake set, however the mistake made was ordering post install. The frame I bought has through frame holes for all cables (Rose Root Miller frame-set).
    I now need to disassemble the back brake assembly to feed the tube through the frame.
    Question: what side is easier or more convenient to disassemble? by the lever or by the wheel?

    Thanks all for any help or insight in making my task easier !
    bike bldr

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    First of all I'd like to say I hate internal cable routing for this exact reason. You will have to disassemble the hose from the brakes at the lever which is simple to do. You can't use the caliper side because the banjo that is attached to the hose is crimped on permanently. If you remove the banjo you would have to buy a new hose. Now the annoying/difficult part. You WILL have to cut the olive attached to the end of the line in order to remove ALL the fittings that attache the hose to the brake lever. If you bought a retail version of the brakes it should have come with a replacement olive and tap. Once you have cut the olive off and removed all the fittings you can then thread the hose through the frame. Once that is done you will have to put the hose back together again. Word of caution, Don't forget to put the lever fittings back on the hose BEFORE you attach the new olive and insert or you will be screwed and have to cut it off and insert it again. After that you will have to bleed the brakes.... a real pain. Again this is why I will not buy an internal routed frame ever again.

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    Thanks CupOf Java! Just what I needed to hear! I understand you about the internal routed frame...I thought it would be good...

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