I'm looking to upgrade the cranks on my Yeti AS-X to something a tad lighter than the Holzfellers I currently have. I don't huck or race DH, I'll hit Mammoth about 3 times this year along with riding locally here in LA. Loaded up I'm about 225 and really tall.

I've been eyeing the RF Atlas (925 grams with rings and BB) and the FSA Gravity Lites (425-ish grams for the arms). The Yeti team raced on Atlas's a couple years ago so they have to be strong. Sam and Sabrina race on the Gravity Lite's and don't replace the arms that often.

The nice thing about the Gravity Lite's is they are ISIS and they will carry over to my next frame, a Cannondale Perp but that is at least 6 months away.

What do you guys recommend?