Don't know about the rest of you, but the majority of my riding injuries are forearms, shins, and shoulders...Forearm and shin protection is easy to take care of (661 veggie shin guards, and forearm pads), but my shoulders are destroyed from taking the brunt of hits instead of putting out my arm. When I ride trail I don't wear my full armor suit or some lacross suit because they are too bulky for trail riding.

So I was looking at some low profile pads for aggressive trail riding where the extent of injury isn't a broken bone, but skin tearing/scaring. I know 661 uses the d3o technology but not for shoulders (Spyder has a mtb jersey that looked promising except it was like $250! Then I came across zoombang and they sell their pads. I was thinking of buying the pad, and sewing it in the inside of my jersey. Any input???