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    I weigh 190 and run 8F/6R on my 5-spot and 575. I run 7F/6R on my Kikapu.

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    Eights for me too!

    'course, I got me a big, fat a$$, so I need the extra stopping power!
    Sworn to avenge, condemned to hell

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    I had a Cdle Prophet first and switched to 8 in front and keeped the 6 back, was an huge change when you touch the front brake, you most be carefull. After few months moved to a Santa Cruz BLT and the same brake set up, but with this bike the downhilling was very plush and want go fast to the edge so the 8 in front was near a danger before a safety device, i that moment i put a 7 in front and the same back, even changed the levers to the DangerBoy, now the modulation is perfect and no worrying when I push hard the brakes. My set up for brakes is now: 8" front Avid Poligon rotor, 6" back Avid Poligon rotor, calipers and brakes Shimano LX with DangerBoy levers.
    See ya friends!

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    Bike 1: 6-6. I only weigh 130 though, so I don't need a whole lotta brake.
    Bike 2: Who needs rotors? V's, beyotch.

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